'Bigg Boss 9' Day 72: Rishabh regrets his friendship with 'weak' Mandana

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Mandana Karimi's 'friends' Rishabh Sinha and Gizele Thakral seem to be miffed with the Iranian's attitude and get into a fight with her

Day 72 starts with the housemates waking up to the song 'Sabse Bada Rupaiyya'. Rochelle reveals in the morning that the person who stole Mandana’s chocolate has confessed to her about it.

Bigg Boss Day 72Mandana Karimi breaks down

Meanwhile, Mandana is seen having a conversation with Gizele and Rishabh in the garden area about how they did not support her when she expected them to. This irks Rishabh and Gizele and they get into a fight with Mandana. Later, the two are caught talking about how they regret having supported Mandana all this while. While Rishabh claims that he supported her only because she is a weak contender, Gizele says that she genuinely made an attempt to take care of Mandana and be her friend.

Bigg Boss Day 72Rishabh Sinha hints that he is the other culprit who ate her chocolate

When Mandana confronts the housemates about her stolen chocolates, Keith admits to have eaten one of the chocolates. Rishabh strongly hints that he is the other culprit who ate her chocolate. He explains that he did this to teach her a lesson as she was the one who pretended like her chocolate box was stolen in the first place. Hearing this, Mandana breaks down and when Kishwer asks her the reason she says that her enemies are better off than her own friends.

Bigg Boss Day 72Rochelle Maria Rao and Mandana Karimi

Finally, Rochelle speaks to Mandana in the Sky Lounge and explains to her that she should not have made an issue out of the stolen chocolates as it is creating a lot of disputes inside the house ahead of Christmas and spoiling the festive spirit. Mandana tells Rochelle that she had stolen the chocolates to gift it to her 'Secret Child'. Kishwer spots Rochelle and Mandana having a candid conversation and begins to tease Rochelle for getting back with her best friend. This irks Rochelle but she chooses to ignore Kishwer and continues with conversation with Mandana.

Later in the day, Priya comments on Prince's captaincy skills and says that he is being an unfair captain. Priya says this for a reason because earlier in the day, Prince had punished Priya for breaking rules but had not said a word to Nora's for speaking in English. This annoys Nora and she tells Priya that she is at least trying to speak in Hindi and learn the language as well. Prince further performs his duty as a captain and take away Nora and Priya's mattresses in order to punish them.

Bigg Boss Day 72Prince Narula

Further, Bigg Boss announces that the housemates will get another chance to win back their lost prize money but this time around, they would have to wrestle professional wrestlers and try and stay inside the wrestling ring as long as possible. The girls are required to have a face-off with a female wrestler while the boys will fight it out with a male wrestler.

Prince being the captain is asked to place a bet on one of the contenders – Suyyash-Priya, Kishwer-Mandana and Keith-Nora. If he wins the bet, the contestants will win back their prize money.

In the night, Bigg Boss announces yet another 'Baazi' task wherein two teams have to challenge one another to do a task which they believe they can accomplish. During the task, Priya and Nora get into yet another fight where Priya claims that Nora should not get a chance to rehearse the challenge while Nora justifies that she cannot perform the task without understanding how to do it.

Fortunately for the housemates, Prince places his bet on the winner Jodi and they win back a portion of the lost winning prize amount!

'Bigg Boss 9' Day 72: Nora Fatehi and Priya Malik get into a war of words

First Published: 23 December, 2015 07:30 IST

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