'Bigg Boss 9' Day 74: Housemates meet their families for Christmas

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Christmas spirit comes with a boatload of positivity, laughter and tears. Housemates gear up to do fun tasks which also involved entry of families of some inmates to spread festive cheer

Christmas spirit comes with a boatload of positivity. While the housemates wake up to 'Ruk Ruk Ruk'. Gizele complains about how Nora talks and laughs too much after lights out. Little do the housemates know that the day ahead will take them on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

In the afternoon, Bigg Boss announces the 'Remote Control' task wherein the housemates are supposed to 'pause', 'rewind', 'fast-forward' and 'play' upon Bigg Boss' command. What ensues after this announcement is laughter and hilarity.

Bigg Boss Day 74Rishabh Sinha

While Gizele is chasing Priya to get out of the washroom, Rishabh irritates Priya by switching off the bathroom lights. This irks her and Gizele and Priya get into an argument. When Gizele finally realises that Rishabh is playing trouble-maker, she apologises and this is when Priya comes out and says, "Thank you. Rewind." Bigg Boss immediately commands Priya to rewind and she goes back in, making other housemates squeal with laughter. When she gets out after being asked to 'play', Gizele hugs her and Bigg Boss pauses the two of them. This moment is once again followed by reverberating laughter.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 74Rishabh Sinha with his sister

Later, when the whole house is put on the 'fast-forward' mode, Mandana playfully throws an orange at Rishabh and he retorts by hitting her hard with the orange. When everyone is put back into 'play' mode, this causes a huge fight between Rishabh and Mandana. When most housemates are in the garden area, Bigg Boss pauses everyone and Rishabh's sister enters the house. In spite of their equation with Rishabh, Suyyash, Rochelle, Prince and Kishwer are seen shedding tears at this emotional reunion. When Rishabh is asked to 'play', he quickly shows her around the house. Immediately after his sister leaves the house, teary-eyed Prince and Suyyash run to hug Rishabh.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 74Keith Sequeira with Rochelle Maria Rao's sister Paloma Rao

Seeing the reunion, Keith also gets emotional. All housemates, including Mandana, unite to cheer him up and make him feel better. Prince even gifts Keith his favourite T-shirt in order to make him feel better. Later, Bigg Boss plays a prank on the housemates. Upon announcing that the storeroom contains their confiscated belongings, the housemates rush to reclaim it. They have barely reclaimed their items when Bigg Boss says 'rewind' and the housemates are forced to return their items to the storeroom.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 74An emotional Kishwer breaks down after seeing her mother

In the evening, as soon as Kishwer sees on the TV screen that her mother is in the confession room and runs inside. Before she can enter, Bigg Boss pauses everyone and makes them rewind and pause again. Kishwer is now standing right in front of the TV screen. Bigg Boss tells her to 'play' and as soon as she runs and hugs her mother, he tells her to rewind. An emotional Kishwer leaves the confession room when he makes her do the same thing again. When Kishwer’s mother leaves the confession room, Kishwer has a major emotional breakdown. Not one to spoil the Christmas spirit, Bigg Boss sends Kishwer's mother in to meet her again. An overjoyed Kishwer greets her and introduces her to all.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 74Rochelle Maria rao hugs her sister Paloma Rao

Later, Rochelle's sister Paloma Rao enters the house when the housemates are paused. Unfortunately for Rochelle, instead of telling Rochelle to 'play', Keith is asked to 'play'. Just when she is about to leave the house, Bigg Boss commands Rochelle to 'play'. She runs to the main door to hug her sister.

A day full of laughter, joy and happy tears draws to an end even as Bigg Boss pauses everyone at the dinner table and tells only Rishabh to 'play'. Rishabh enjoys making everyone sit in awkward, funny positions. Playfully, he makes Mandana hold a knife to her throat. The housemates cannot control their laughter just when Bigg Bos tells them to 'play'.

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First Published: 25 December, 2015 08:09 IST

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