'Bigg Boss 9' Day 87: Keith Sequeira bursts into tears during task

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The generally composed Keith burst into tears after the second part of the 'Ticket to Finale' task. What made a calm person like him to react in this way? Find out!

Housemates wake up to the song 'Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai' and prepare for a tedious day full of tasks. Even though Prince tells Rishabh that the results of the game are evident and it looks like Rishabh, Prince and Kishwer are in the lead, he later plots with Mandana, Kishwer and Rochelle against Rishabh.

While cooking breakfast, all the housemates tell Priya that she was being very aggressive the day before and it did not come across as right. She defends herself by saying that Keith had a watchful eye on her and even Rishabh disagreed that she was being violent.

Bigg Boss Day 87Priya Malik and Prince Narula get aggrresive in the 'ticket to finale' task.

Bigg Boss continues the task and all the housemates remain on their A-game. When Priya attacks Kishwer, Prince immediately reaches for her rescue and asks her to tighten her lever with the help of bolts and nuts. When Priya gets aggressive, Mandana hints at how they should take the task in their stride and not get aggressive. Priya remains by Kishwer's side, trying to attack her, but Kishwer blocks her way. She openly says that they will use their group and loyalty to their benefit and win the game and challenges. When Priya attacks Rochelle, she retaliates by saying that she has not attacked anyone at all. Priya explains that she is targeting Rochelle because she is one of the nominated contestants.

Bigg Boss Day 87Kishwer Merchantt fills her sand container

Later, Prince points fingers at Priya for getting personal during tasks. Every time Priya tries to block Prince's way, he tries to put her back at her place. He also retaliates by picking Priya up and making her stay away from his funnel. Furthermore, Kishwer and Rochelle playfully attack Rishabh when Priya is way but he plays spoilsport and pleads them to stop attacking him. After this, Mandana taunts Rishabh for playing like a girl.

Bigg Boss Day 87Rishabh Sinha and Rochelle Maria Rao during the task

When Prince and Rishabh decide to wrestle each other for fun, Rishabh promises that Priya will not attack Prince's funnel. However, he is taken aback when Priya does not stick to her words and attacks his funnel. This spoils Rishabh's game as Prince looks at attacking him. Later on, when Rishabh's knee hits Mandana's head, she blames him for kicking her on purpose. Rochelle, who is a witness to this incident backs out and doesn't speak in her favour. This irks Mandana and she further attacks Rochelle.

Bigg Boss Day 87Priya Malik attacks Rochelle Maria Rao

In the next stage of the game, the contestants are now required to leave their levers open and allow the sand to leave the container but at the same time, keep filling the container from the top. The three contestants with the most amount of sand in their container get the access to the next stage of the task. Even as all contestants begin playing their game, Priya aggressively attacks Rochelle. Priya does not budge even as Rochelle's frustration levels has her tear tanks overflowing and she requests Priya to leave her alone at least for five minutes. Priya does not stop her attacks but strong-willed Rochelle keeps going in the task.

Bigg Boss Day 87Keith Sequeira bursts into tears after seeing girlfriend Rochelle Maria Rao in pain

After the task gets over, all the housemates commend Rochelle's fighter spirit. Her boyfriend Keith feels bad about her for having to bear all the pain and attacks during the task and begins to cry. Not only Keith, but Kishwer who looks genuinely upset over Rochelle's state sheds some tears. In fact, the most competitive contestant of the lot- Prince also tells Rochelle that she deserves to reach the finale!

'Bigg Boss 9' Day 87: Prince physically manhandles Priya

First Published: 07 January, 2016 07:21 IST

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