'Bigg Boss 9' Day 93: 'Shehenshah' Imam calls housemates 'names'

Jan 13, 2016, 07:11 IST | A Correspondent

Imam Siddiqui finally makes a grand entry today and immediately takes charge by coining the housemates with new names to annoy them

A night time casual discussion in the garden area heats up after Priya and Prince argue over the decision to let Kishwer quit the game. Following the fight, Prince decides to ignore Priya for the rest of the days. Keith, Rochelle and Rishabh notice Mandana's happiness due to conflicts between others and coin her as an 'inharmonious' person.

Bigg Boss Day 93Imam Siddiqui

The housemates wake up to 'Main Aisa Kyun Hoon' and the song indicates an unexpected and unusual entry into the house. Keith, Rishabh and Priya indulge in some early morning health talks.

Bigg Boss Day 93Imam Siddiqui does his trademark 'Time Out' gesture

As the day progresses, making a grand entry into the house on the tunes of 'Azim O Shaan Shehensha' is the infamous entertainment package Imam Siddique! Housemates are filled with excitement on seeing him and the self-proclaimed 'master' soon teaches his disciples his signature 'Time Out' gesture. Imam is the ultimate challenger and holds an important power to select the second finalist of Bigg Boss Double Trouble. The Shehenshah gathers his subjects in the Sky Lounge and teaches them life lessons and gives them tips on personality grooming.

Bigg Boss Day 93Imam has a 'talk' with the contestants

Meanwhile, the other contestants gossip about Mandana's tactics to get closer to any new entrant in the show. Imam has already taken charge by coining the housemates with new names which suit their personality; Keith - Dominique, Rochelle - Maria, Mandana - Manesse, Priya - Priyanka and Prince - Bravin.

Bigg Boss Day 93Prince Narula, Rochelle Maria Rao and Mandana Karimi

Later, Bigg Boss launches a new task, 'Imam Khush Hua' in which everyone has to abide by Imam's wishes in order to please him. Imam decides to take the trend-o-meter in the Bigg Boss house a notch higher by adding oodles of oomph and style to the contestants' daily wear. The whole house is converted into a fashion ramp as the contestants don stylish costumes and replicates a high end fashion shoot. Not only this, but Imam reveals to Rochelle that he believes in romance and gives Rochelle a task to convince Keith to propose to her on national television! The next task is for Keith to praise the ladies of the house.

bIgg Boss Day 93The housemates dress for Imam's fashion show

At night a small fight breaks out between Imam and Priya. Imam accuses Priya of making a rude comment against him while having a conversation with Kawaljeet. After midnight, Imam doles out a special piece of advice to his favourite contestant. He tells Mandana to lure Prince in order to get ahead in the game. The dimensions of the house have received a complete make-over after Imam’s entry.

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