'Bigg Boss 9' Twist! Will Aman, Kishwer swap partners on Day 5?

Oct 16, 2015, 16:31 IST | A Correspondent

In today's episode of 'Bigg Boss 9', contestants receive an opportunity to swap their partner by making an appeal to the captain jodi. Given their quarrels, will Aman and Kishwer opt for new partners?

After the drama which brought the 'Bigg Boss 9' house down on Day 4, the housemates are ensuring they spend quality time with each other on Day 5.

During a conversation with the housemates, Prince Narula reveals a peevish prank he played as a kid. As a ritual in the pre-monsoon season when Prince was setting fire to the dried up leaves, he saw that a long-haired woman was drying her hair and his evil mind lit her Rapunzel-like hair on fire. Laughing out loud at his little prank, the housemates are surprised at how Prince is wired.

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Prince Narula and Rochelle Rao
Prince Narula and Rochelle Rao

Bigg Boss proves that all good things comes to those who wait when he announces that on the account of being the best performer jodi and winning the captaincy task, Kishwer Merchantt-Aman Verma and Vikas Bhalla-Yuvika Chaudhary will receive their bags back. Happy to receive his clothes back after a week, an overjoyed Vikas immediately changed into his own clothes. Feeling bad for her partner, Rochelle requests Bigg Boss to return Prince’s clothes since his performance during the luxury budget task was par excellence.

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Vikas Bhalla
Vikas Bhalla

The house is gradually turning into Yuvika’s pet peeve. Telling her housemates that the game has begun to get to her, she declares that she is missing her home and wants to go back.

Further in the episode, we see how the contestants without bags are getting accustomed to living out of their partner’s bags. Roopal, who especially requested for partner Digangana’s clothes back, is having a heart to heart girl talk with Digangana about her past. She reveals that while she cannot trust ex-boyfriend Ankit anymore, she definitely still has a soft corner for him. This and other things – like the lack of caffeine in the house – are seriously testing Roopal’s patience and she is seen requesting Bigg Boss to give her some coffee – please!

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Aman Verma and Kishwer MerchanttAman Verma and Kishwer Merchantt

Gathering momentum, the Garba bug goes viral in the house when dancers enter the house to celebrate the festival and introduce the Snapdeal task. With a limited amount of time, the housemates are required to shop for necessary and required items during this task. Smartly strategising their time, the housemates finally receive a refrigerator and a microwave.

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On yet another happy note, Bigg Boss, feeling generous, throws an offer at the housemates that they cannot refuse. Receiving the golden opportunity to make an appeal to the captain jodi Vikas and Yuvika to exchange their partners with a preferred partner, contestants are seen having a closed-room conversation with the captain jodi about their innermost thoughts.

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During this period, contestants roam around freely without being tied to their respective partners. Jokingly, Rimi announces that for the first time she feels happy looking at Suyyash because he is not her partner for the moment. The captains realise that underdog Prince is indeed in demand when most housemates demand to exchange their partner with Prince. Particular about cleanliness, Mandana complains to the captain Jodi about Arvind and Ankit not having made the dining area spic and span.

Ankit Gera and Arvind Vegda
Ankit Gera and Arvind Vegda

Before they hit the bed, Suyyash finally opens up to girlfriend Kishwer about her getting influenced by her partner Aman. Kishwer replies saying that Aman is also getting on her nerves but she is trying to remain calm.

'Bigg Boss 9' Pairs:

Roopal Tyagi and Digangana Suryavanshi

Kishwer Merchantt and Aman Verma

Suyyash Rai and Rimi Sen

Vikas Bhalla and Yuvika Chaudhary

Rochelle Rao and Prince Narula

Mandana Karimi and Keith Sequeira

Arvind Vegda and Ankit Gera

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