'Bigg Boss' Day 78: Suyyash confiscates Mandana's bags

Updated: 30 December, 2015 12:24 IST | A Correspondent |

In another day of heated exchanges inside the 'Bigg Boss' house, Suyyash takes away 'violent' Mandana's bags, and keeps them in the storeroom. Read story for full scoop

The housemates wake up to the ‘Kill Dil’ title track and immediately get involved in a discussion surrounding the aftermath of ‘party or punishment’ task. Suyyash, who is the captain of the house, is in a catch 22 situation as he is required to stop housemates from breaking rules and simultaneously has to perform those punishments himself as a part of the task. Kishwer, who is supposed to be Mandana’s personal maid for 48 hours, refuses to do the task stating that she does not trust Mandana’s violent nature after the previous night’s big fight.

Later, Priya does her best to irritate Mandana and follows her around the house. To get back at Priya, Mandana turns off the light when Priya enters the washroom. In the Sky Lounge, Mandana opens up to Prince and tells him that she will apologize to Priya for her behavior only if Salman tells her to do so. In the confession room, Bigg Boss tells Priya that the housemates have to come up with a stern action against Mandana while also gives Mandana an earful for her disappointing behavior.

Suyyash confiscates Mandana’s bags by keeping them in the storeroom, which infuriates her. She tells Suyyash that Bigg Boss believes that she did not display violence in any way and thus he has no rights to confiscate her bags. Suyyash tells the housemates that Mandana’s behavior will not change whether he has or does not have her luggage and almost decides to give it back to her which irks Rochelle, Kishwer and Priya.

Bigg Boss announces the Double Trouble room task that will directly have an effect on this week’s nominations procedure. Priya, Rochelle and Kishwer are put through four situations: 1) If one person presses the buzzer, he/she will be safe for the week and will get the power to nominate any one contestant while the other two will get nominated, 2) if two people press the buzzer, the third person will be nominated, 3) if all three people press the buzzer, all the housemates will be nominated while the three of them will remain safe and 4) if no buzzer is pressed, all housemates will be nominated.

The next day, housemates wake up to the song ‘Shake It Like Shammi’. Stepping out into the sun, Priya sees that Rishabh is not holding up the umbrella for Nora, as dictated by the task and asks him to do so. This leads to a fight between Nora and Priya where Rishabh surprisingly takes Nora’s side and fights with Priya. Nora and Rishabh spend the next half of the day together when Rishabh uses it to his advantage and brainwashes Nora against Rochelle and also backbites about his friend Priya. Later in the day, Mandana apologises to Priya for her behavior in the presence of all the housemates.

Even after the ‘party or punishment’ task ends, Rishabh and Nora are seen playfully flirting with one another while Prince is visibly seen getting jealous. Later in the night, Nora confronts Prince about the same and tells him that his jealousy is becoming very evident. Nora also tells him that Mandana has told Rishabh that she is only using Prince to her advantage and he should not fall in her trap.

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First Published: 29 December, 2015 08:15 IST

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