'Bigg Boss 6' Day 90 and 91: Will Rajev take the money bag and quit the show?

Jan 07, 2013, 09:37 IST | The Hitlist Team

The episode starts with host Salman Khan paying a visit to the housemates with a loaded briefcase. All the housemates especially Imam is glad to see him.

Salman places the briefcase in front of all and explains that the briefcase consists of Rs. 20 lacs and is up for grabs by any housemate who volunteers to quit the show and walk away. The housemates are thrilled on hearing this and start asking various doubts. Salman makes his point clear and leaves the house.

After Salman’s exit the whole house was up and alive. The housemates were super excited and tempted on this inviting offer by Salman Khan.

House mates

Rajev, Sana and Delnaaz are seen in the garden area discussing about who should take the money and leave. Rajev and Sana advice Delnaaz to back out from the temptation and they decide which one of them should quit.

Meanwhile, Imam is adamant about not quitting like a sore loser and play to win the title. Urvashi also makes up her mind and admits that she’d rather win/lose the show with some grace. Niketan plays along and tells Imam that he is going for the money. Imam advises him not to do so. Sana and Rajev are still debating on who should take the money.

After the lights go off, all the housemates fall asleep except for Rajev who is seen hovering around the briefcase, contemplating whether he should go for the 20 lacs or play till the end for the grand prize of 50 lacs. After some thinking, Rajev refrains from taking the money and goes to sleep.

Imam is seen in the bedroom while everyone else is asleep. Imam sings and walks out of the room with a couple of water bottles that make a little bit of noise that disturbs everyone.

The housemates rise and shine to – Sabse bada rupaiya. Later during the day Bigg Boss announces the end of the ‘money in the bag’ task. Bigg Boss makes an announcement and asks Niketan to choose two individuals in the house who would be required to stay up the entire night as a punishment. Rajev, Sana, Urvashi and Delnaaz lose their cool and start complaining to Bigg Boss for being unfair.

One by one everyone takes shots at Imam. Niketan chooses Rajev and Delnaaz for staying up all night. Imam becomes everyone’s target and the housemates vent out their frustration by screaming and yelling at the cameras. Imam walks into the room and starts singing Dholaki akia dholaki akia and walks out. Urvashi gets extremely angry with Imam as he was making fun of her family name.

Urvashi throws her microphone and starts packing her bags. She demands an apology from Imam and threatens to leave the show if he doesn’t do the same.

Niketan approaches Urvashi and asks her to calm down. Urvashi is furious and refuses to listen to anyone. Imam enters the room to pacify Urvashi. Imam talks to Urvashi and tries to explain himself.

The lights go off and Rajev, Delnaaz and Sana are seen near the aquarium as a part of their punishment. Surprisingly, Imam makes tea for them and places it next to them in the garden area. Sana says that she will not touch the tea made by Imam and Rajev agrees with her. Delnaaz gets tempted but is forced to avoid it. 

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