Biggest marriage blues revealed!

Aug 07, 2013, 14:36 IST | ANI

Have you ever looked at a newly married couple and thought to yourself 'Oh God! Where has the love gone in my marriage?'

Well to make you feel better about your own less-than-satisfactory married life, Huffington Post asked its married reader’s to reveal the biggest issues in their own marriages.

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One reader said that money is a major problem in their marriage, while another asserted that her husband never attends the kids’ school activities or plays.

Someone said that her marriage has three people -- she, her husband, and his mother.

Another reader lamented that her hubby doesn’t want any more kids, but she wants just one more.

One reader complained that between work, kids, and other house stuff, she barely sees her husband.

On the other hand, another subscriber added that they were spending way too much time together and there was no breathing room.

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