Bihar structures to carry labourers' names too

Mar 14, 2013, 03:40 IST | Agencies

Manoj Yadav and Sukhan Paswan, both daily-wagers working on government sponsored development schemes for years, have reason to be upbeat.

They have been informed by a government official that their names will be engraved on a stone plaque on the structure they have helped build, along with the names of the minister, legislator and engineers.

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Vijay Prakash, principal secretary, state planning and development department, said that labourers’ names are also being engraved on plaques at structures that have come up under the Members of Parliament Local Area Development (MPLAD) schemes.

“This is probably a first for the country. The Bihar government has decided to experiment with this novel approach of engraving the names of labourers on stone plaques along with top officials and the minister or legislator who will inaugurate the structure once it is complete. This gesture will offer confidence to the poor labourers, and make them feel like their efforts too are recognised,” Prakash said.

Manoj Yadav and Sukhan Paswan are two of thousands of labourers engaged in development works in different parts of the state.

“We heard that the government will engrave labourers' names on stone plaques to honour us and recognise our contribution. This is a unique way to encourage people like us, who hardly get any praise despite our hard labour,” said Yadav.                  

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