Bike company's 'irrelevant' boob ad banned

Apr 19, 2012, 11:45 IST | ANI

A commercial for a bicycle frame that features a naked woman with a hand over her boobs has been banned for bearing 'no relevance' to the product

The magazine advert for a triathlon accessories firm also features a small image of the bike frame next to the raven-haired beauty. It bears the tagline: 'It all starts with great bodywork.'

Representational picture

In wake of receiving a complaint from a magazine reader saying that it was sexist and degrading to women, the ad has been banned.

The watchdog ruled it was 'likely to cause serious offence'.

“Although the image was not sexually explicit, it had sexual connotations. It bore no relevance to the advertised product,” a major newspaper quoted the ruling.

But bosses at the firm in Somerset, UK, claimed the caption was 'tongue-in-cheek' and the ad showed the 'aesthetic features of the bicycle frame'.

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