Biker caught with Rs 50 lakh at nakabandi

Jul 16, 2012, 06:35 IST | Vinay Dalvi

L T Marg police in a late-night nakabandi arrested a youth in possession of Rs 50 lakh in cash.

According to the police, while sub-inspector Sachin Bandager was carrying out nakabandi at the Vitthalwadi Naka in Kalbadevi on Saturday night, he found a youth on a scooter roaming suspiciously.

“When the youth was stopped and his scooter and bag were searched, we found cash amounting to Rs 50 lakh in his bag,” said a police officer from L T Marg police station. “When questioned about the cash, the youth who identified himself as Pravin Mithalal Rawal, could not give any satisfactory answers,” said the police officer.

The police arrested Rawal and have seized the cash and the scooter. Rawal has been booked under Section 41 (D) of the Criminal Procedure Code (possession of stolen property, or committing theft of the property).

“We are investigating how the cash came into his possession,” added the police officer. 

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