Biker's night out: Vroom to this camp

Apr 29, 2014, 08:29 IST | Nevin Thomas

If you are an avid biker keen on travelling and meeting others who share your passion, sign up for the Biker's Night out

Have you ever dreamt of taking off on your bike and driving away to the mountains with a group of like-minded travel enthusiasts? Biker’s Nightout offers a chance to turn this dream into reality. The event is the brainchild of Gaurav Prabhu, Saurab De, Shrey Sunil and Zaid Zaki, who got together to form a community for bike enthusiasts from the city, called the Downshift Group.

“I have attended many biker events but I noticed that these events are merely exhibitions. There is no brotherhood amongst bikers. No one gets to interact with each other. With Biker’s Nightout, our first event, we are hoping to change this,” says Prabhu.

Parking space for bikes at the camp; Breakfast Ride organised by Downshift group worked as a registration meeting for interested bikers

The event starts with a bike ride in the evening to the green, open spaces of Karnala, 58 km away from the city. This will be followed by different games and other fun activities such as a photography contest, trekking, barbecue grilling, treasure hunt and live music performances. Participants will be provided with tents for the night, along with a dinner and breakfast.
Anyone with a bike and standard safety gears is eligible to take part in the event. Unlike most biker gatherings, the event will offer a chance to meet and interact with people who ride different bikes.

“Usually people who have different bikes do not get an opportunity to meet each other. Our aim is to break this barrier, get everyone together and share a true biker experience,” explains Prabhu.

So, fill up your tanks and get ready for this biking adventure.

On: May 3, 4.30 pm AT Big Red Tent campsite, Karnala, Panvel taluka, Raigad district.
Cost: Rs 2,200
Call: 8097806108/9819245624
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