Bikers accused of harassing woman in auto claim they were chatting with driver

Sep 05, 2013, 06:51 IST | Shiva Devnath

After a woman uploaded their photo on social networking sites, cops identified them as BMC clean-up marshals and detained them; they were let off after they convinced cops that they drove up to the auto to have a word with the driver

Investigations to trace two men who allegedly harassed a woman while she was in an auto led the cops to two clean-up marshals, who however gave cops such a convincing explanation of their antics that they were let off with only a warning.

Auto driver
The picture that the alleged victim had taken of two men who were holding on to the auto she was riding in at Malad. The woman uploaded the image to a social networking website

According to the Bangur Nagar police, a woman had recently posted a photo on a social networking site of two bike-borne men holding on to her rickshaw and leaning in. The incident took place in Malad. Taking note of the incident, the cops started searching for the two men. They were identified as Ketan Talekar and Atul Thinghe two BMC clean-up marshals, appointed through private contractors.

While giving their statements, the two men gave a very different version of events. They claimed that they had fined an auto rickshaw driver last Saturday for urinating on the road. After fining the rickshaw driver, they were on their way out of the area on a motorcycle, when another rickshaw driver asked them what the matter was. They rode alongside the auto to speak to the driver.

The marshals claimed that they had a receipt to prove that they had fined the driver. Confused by their version, cops decided not to arrest the two, also citing that no woman has yet come forward to lodge an official complaint. “We were talking to the rickshaw driver, and didn’t even notice that a woman was seated at the back. After talking to the driver we left the spot, not even realising that our photo had been clicked,” Ketan Talekar is reported to have said in his statement to the police.

“Ketan Talekar and Atul Thinghe were detained by the police as a preventive action, and later let off with a warning,” said PSI Gaurakhnath Ghadge from Bangur Nagar police station. “The BMC officials had approached us to understand the case and left after getting the details,” said H Bagul, senior police inspector of the Bangur Nagar police station. Meanwhile, Ketan’s father Krishna said that his son had lost face after his photo had been carried on social networking websites. A poster with his son’s photo had even been put up at the Malad railway station.  

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