Bipasha Basu's best kept secrets

Aug 29, 2012, 09:15 IST | Shakti Shetty

All of us know Bipasha Basu as a sexy siren with a chic fashion quotient. Many of us also know that she's a good cook and contrary to her glamorous image, is a very homely and grounded person.

Some fans are also aware that Bips is a foodie with a sweet tooth as well. However, the lady still has an aura of mystery about her. In a fun-filled interview, she shares some more secrets with CS:

Bipasha Basu
Who: Bipasha Basu
What: Talking about her life secrets

On the fast lane
It'd be hard to believe but I still don't know to drive. Yes, I just pretend to drive in my films and looks can be deceptive! I'm an actor, you see? (Laughs) It is surprising considering that I have done quite a few films with action sequences. Films like Race, Dhoom and Players had me on speeding cars and bikes, but that's only on screen. The next time you see me driving a car in a film, you know it's not for real.

Fattu facts
Contrary to my brave image, I have a number of phobias in real life. The smallest of things scare me. Like little kids would say boo from my back and I'd be scared! I'm trying to face my fears, the recent one being learning to sleep with the lights off. In simple words, I'm a fattu!

Riotous me
I'm a complete goonda on the sets. Ask any director whom I've worked with and they'll say the same. I create a riot wherever we are shooting, be it in India or abroad. I just can't sit around idle or be serious for a minute. That's a part of my personality. It has worked well for me, as I bond well with my directors and co- actors. I believe that work should be fun.

Horrifying truth
Among the current lot, there aren't many (if not any) actresses who have done as many supernatural films as I did. And I'm very proud of contributing to this obscure genre. I love this genre because it has mystery, drama and arresting effect.

Back to school
I still regret the fact that I couldn't continue my studies. I had started modeling at the age of 16. I could have excelled in academics but a career in films was reckoning and I had already made my choice.

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