Bird calls on your app

Aug 03, 2012, 10:51 IST | Ruchika Kher

Remember the time when you would sit with a group of friends playing Chidiya Udd, a game where one had to raise fingers for everything that flies and stay put for the ones that don't?

Well, now you can experience the same joy even if there’s no gang for company, with the digitised version of the game. Vicky Kankariya and Kiran Gogar of a Jodhpur-based web and mobile application development company titled Web Tech Solutions were responsible for having brought back this game.

“The Chidiya Udd game is popular in India, especially with kids. The concept of digitising it and bringing it on to a mobile platform struck us, and after plenty of hard work and effort, we were able to create it,” says Kankariya.

Kankariya feels that in the present day and age where children prefer playing games on mobiles and tablets, it made sense to revive interesting childhood games on a familiar platform. “Another reason is to allow an individual to play the game. The original game required at least two people, but this mobile application ensures you can play it solo,” he adds.

Although the basic treatment of this game, launched on July 14, has been retained, a few engaging variations have also been introduced: “The original concept of the game at all the levels is that the image of any object/character/thing would appear on the screen. The user has to identify if the object flies or it doesn't. Two buttons are present in the game at the bottom of the screen namely, “Fly” and “Don’t Fly.” If the object, which appears on the screen flies, the user has to select the fly button, or the don’t fly button,” informs Kankariya.

Chidiya Udd is free and can be downloaded from Google Play. Till now, the game has crossed 5,000 downloads in 15 days while the official Facebook page of the game has crossed 800 likes.

“The game has five levels in total, with two difficulty levels, which make it tougher. There are sounds in the game along with attractive graphics and loads to explore. For example, besides birds and animals, you’ll spot movie and cartoon characters including Peter Pan, Hanuman and Superman,” reveals Kankariya.

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