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Oct 11, 2012, 06:31 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

The soon-to-be released movie Balak Palak will shed light on the need for parents to discuss sex education with their children

Films can be a tool for entertainment but also act as an instrument of social change. The movie Balak Palak or BP is one such movie. Based on the subject of sex education, it focuses on how few parents are keen to discuss the sensitive subject with their kids.

A still from Balak Palak 

Teen queries on this subject are often dealt with a slap or a shout. Balak Palak revolves around four teenage friends (Avya, Bhagya, Chiu and Dolly), who overhear that their friend Jyotitai, a resident of their colony has left her home as she brought ‘disgrace’ to her family.

Having received unsatisfactory explanations from their parents for Jyoti tai’s exit, the four take up the challenge to find out what her disgraceful act was. In this journey, they end up bonding with their over-mature school mate Vishu, the guiding star for the foursome, who informs them about the world of porn movies.

Ravi Jadhav, director of Balak Palak, said, “Balak Palak was a very challenging subject for me to work on. Even if is a fun-filled drama, it gives a strong message to the audience. The film will help parents realise how important it is to impart sex education to their child. Working on such a complex subject and in a film that involved four teenagers was tough but the hard work has paid off.”

The children who acted in the movie said working in the movie was a learning experience for them as well.

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