Biryani meets Chow Mein

Jun 24, 2013, 01:02 IST | Kanika Sharma

House of Asia, a new restaurant in Andheri East that has opened up to feed hungry professionals and wayfarers stuck between cities and airports, is a medley of tastes and cuisines

We have always found delectable bites in the unlikeliest of corners in the city. For airport-bound and professionals stuck in the smoky concrete labyrinth in the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) zones, the Mirador can be a stop for various reasons. On our adventure, after discovering the cosy hotel, we were greeted with a restaurant that couldn’t excite our tummies to rumble.

A varied buffet at the restaurant for both Indian and Chinese cuisine lovers. Pics/ Madeeha Attari

Still, has a hotel ambiance ever done any harm to one? While scanning through the a la carte menu, we browsed through Rs 200 to Rs 300 bracket while our attendant dropped the ‘buffet’ word that was luringly priced at Rs 550 per person (excluding taxes). Buoyant and unleashed, we felt an immense freedom from restricted dishes. Ordering them always felt like a game of roulette with the ball falling on a random dish. This time we were assured that we could deliver more of an overall verdict.

Chocolate Truffle pastry was a much-wanted redemption

Soup was served on the table before our eyes could rest on the array a buffet promises. Tepid, viscous broths like sorry leftovers of meatier mouthfuls arrived. The Vegetable Clear Soup had too much of an oily film for our liking while the Moroccan Chicken Soup was perhaps a shorba but not quite for its watery run and Moroccan connect.

Seafood in Soya Coriander Sauce offered a tasty relief from various other blunders at the buffet

Shaking the cold cat feeling, we walked over to the usual spread of breads that had no lovely butter to accompany them. So House of Asia is a convenient blanket term that houses Indian and Chinese cuisine, that tucks in the Japanese and Thai popular imports on days per chance, we believe.

The best part of the day, which was our first handpicked item, was Mutton Sikkampuri Kebab that was rich and smooth coating the palate with its luxurious minced texture. The Murg Kali Mirch Tikka was rewarding as well as it was luscious but couldn’t match the savoury quotient of the former. On the other hand, the Chicken Dumplings were the worst things we ate with stale and sick-tasting ricepaper!

Among starters, the Plum Chilly Fish was hardly chilly and soggy, again. Eventually, we got around to the mains that included Seafood in Soya Coriander Sauce, Macchi Dum Biryani and Chicken in Sapo Sauce with steamed rice. The fare from the sea included prawns, squid and fish, which were overcooked but palatable. The Biryani also managed to invite second bites however the Chicken emanated a raw odour, throwing us into much confusion about this tackily decorated place.

After often hearing celebrity food critic Matt Preston say that the dessert can wash over any unpleasant bygones, the Chocolate Truffle Pastry, Blueberry Pudding and a Lemon Mousse doused our welling up consternation. Not the most refined executions of any, but the flavours somewhat made up for it.

If you’re looking for a nourishing bite in this pouring season, we recommend stepping in, only if the food is steaming hot and the execution tweaked up a notch.

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