Bizarre: Nursing home unleashes male stripper on woman with dementia

Apr 10, 2014, 08:36 IST | Agencies

New York facility is being sued for a  seven-figure sum for giving 85-yr-old resident “an unwanted performance”

New York: A nursing home is being sued for allegedly hiring strippers to ‘entertain’ its residents on a regular basis.
The New York home has been hit by a lawsuit brought by the family of an 85-year-old woman who are seeking a ‘seven-figure’ sum in damages.

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Bernice Youngblood, who suffers from dementia, was the victim of ‘disgraceful sexual perversion’ when she was subjected to an unwanted performance by a male stripper, the lawsuit claims.

Her family decided to sue after Youngblood’s son discovered a photograph of a semi-naked man gyrating in front of her as she stuffed dollar bills into his briefs.

The family say her money was meant to be locked safely away and claim a nurse tried to snatch back the photo when her son found it among her belongings in January 2013.

‘Bernice Youngblood was placed in apprehension of imminent, offensive, physical harm, as she was confused and bewildered as to why a muscular, almost nude man, was approaching her and placing his body and limbs over [her],’ the lawsuit says.
‘Hiring male strippers to perform for the defendant’s nursing-home patients was a serial occurrence.’

The lawsuit says a nurse said the stripper performance was part of an entertainment event. The East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, on Long Island, maintain they paid the $250 fee.

Youngblood told a press conference she had no specific recollection of the details of the incident.

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