BJP had Sharad Pawar's blessing, not Shivaji's: Shiv Sena poster

Updated: Nov 15, 2014, 08:59 IST | Varun Singh |

Livid with the outcome of trust vote, Shiv Sena supporters launched an offensive on social media, with videos and morphed posters making up their arsenal

The Shiv Sena, which was livid over only a voice vote taking place in the Assembly yesterday, seemed to have taken a two-pronged approach to slam the BJP. While Sena leaders kept talking about a BJP-NCP nexus and an invisible alliance, supporters of the party launched an offensive on social media, with videos and morphed posters making up their arsenal.

The morphed poster uploaded by Sena supporters

The party alleged that the BJP did not allow a division of votes during the trust vote — and decided to hold only a voice vote — on purpose, as doing so would have exposed the ‘true face’ of the ruling party. Sena leaders said that had the division of votes been held, the NCP would have either voted for the BJP or abstained from voting to help it win, thus bringing out the truth about the BJP-NCP nexus.

Abhijit Adsul, a senior Shiv Sena leader and former MLA, said, “An invisible alliance exists between the NCP and BJP. If there had been a division of votes, the truth would have come out. The NCP would have voted for the BJP and everyone would have seen that the two parties have a tacit understanding to support each other.”

“The BJP doesn’t want this truth to come out and hence it tried its best to not have a division of vote,” he added.
While Sena leaders said that the newly-elected Speaker, Haribhau Bagde, didn’t pay heed to the shouts from opposition benches demanding a division of vote, people who supported the Speaker said that he had acted as per Constitutional provisions.

Poster attack
Even as the ruckus continued inside and outside the Assembly, Sena supporters took to social media to start a campaign against the BJP. Videos of BJP leaders claiming — both before and after the elections — that they would never take NCP’s support were uploaded and tagged ‘BJP’s double standard’. Posts stating that the BJP had broken the trust of its voters were also doing the rounds.

The BJP’s campaign posters were also not spared. A poster with PM Narendra Modi’s photo and the slogan ‘Chhatrapaticha ashirwad, chala deu Modila saath’ (With Chhatrapati Shivaji’s blessing, let’s go ahead and support Modi) was morphed. The slogan in the morphed poster read ‘Sharad Pawarcha aashirwad, chala deu Modila saath’ and a photo of the NCP chief was included next to Modi’s.

On the issue of division of votes, a senior BJP leader said, “If the Sena was serious about the division of votes, why did it raise the matter only after the leader of opposition was appointed, why not immediately after the voice vote?”
“The Sena is an indecisive party. When the party had filed its nomination for leader of opposition on Monday itself, why were its leaders trying to work out an arrangement with the CM even till this morning? The Sena is no longer what it used to be,” said another BJP leader.

The BJP’s social media cell, meanwhile, claimed that it has decided not to react to the Shiv Sena’s online attacks.

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