BJP's free Wi-Fi plan flops, as only one of three routers works

Sep 05, 2014, 09:00 IST | Dimple Bhavsar

With an eye on the upcoming state assembly elections, the BJP had launched the hotspots at three locations in Borivli; however, only one of the connections, in Shimpoli, was functional

With the state assembly elections round the corner, parties have opened their bag of political gimmicks to appease voters. One such example was the inauguration of free Wi-Fi services in Borivli by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). However, of the three routers only one is functional.

A banner announcing the free Wi-Fi services
A banner announcing the free Wi-Fi services

Following in the footsteps of ally Shiv Sena and its archrival MNS, who recently competed fiercely to be the first ones to launch Wi-Fi services in Shivaji Park, the BJP launched its own hotspots in Borivli. Vinod Tawde, leader of opposition in the state legislative council, inaugurated the services.

Three routers are placed at three spots – one along the Link Road from McDonald’s to Kora Kendra that connects to S V Road flyover junction, one near Veg Treat restaurant at Shimpoli junction and the third on the road from Gorai bus depot to Maxus Mall junction.

Hoardings loudly announce the free Wi-Fi connections on offer. However, only one of the three seems to be working. “This is a good effort by the BJP. The network seems to be excellent, but I hope the coverage remains free and available whenever required and that this is not just a political gimmick because of the assembly polls,” said, Rachana Dedhia (19), a Shimpoli resident who managed to log in to the connection.

Others, however, weren’t so lucky. “Not even a day has passed and the routers have gone down. This is nothing but a gimmick,” complained Sunny Solanki (22), who failed to connect to the hotspot near Kora Kendra.

Raj Jadhav (19) couldn’t connect to the router at Gorai. When this reporter went to check on the connections, she, too, was able to use only the Shimpoli service. The Internet service provider is Vovinet.

Party speak
When asked about the non-functional routers, Niranjan Shetty, Bhartiya Janata Party’s Mumbai spokesperson, said, “I am currently busy with (party chief) Amit Shah’s visit to Mumbai. I will look into this issue and get details.”


Rachna Dedhia (19), Shimpoli resident
The network seems to be excellent, but I hope the coverage remains free and this is not a gimmick.

Raj Jadhav (19) Gorai resident
It seems to be an initiative for the polls, as the router isn’t working a day after being started.

Sunny Solanki (22) Borivli resident
I couldn’t connect to the wi-fi router near Kora Kendra. This seems to be just for political mileage.

Omkar Wadkar (22) Borivli resident
It’s a good idea to have free public Wi-Fi, but it’s of no use if it doesn’t serve its purpose. Authorities must make sure it is working.

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