Blame lies behind wheel

Apr 09, 2012, 08:08 IST | MiD Day Correspondent

A recent spate of accidents has proved that for all the finger pointing that we do about our roads and infrastructure, the blame for many of these crashes lies solely with the driver himself.

Whether it is the recent horrific incident where a speeding double decker bus driver who wanted to rush by to escape a red signal, caused his bus to keel over and kill a biker in the process, to a drunk driver ramming his car into a rickshaw to leave a young woman in danger of being paralysed, we seem to have unleashed a host of maniacs on the road.

Motorists and bikers have regularly blamed roads for a number of accidents. Many of these arguments are valid, our roads in many stretches are sub-standard, yet, finger pointing cannot obfuscate the fact that in many or most of these cases, it is the rash driving that has resulted in tragic, and at many times, fatal accidents.

Accidents have taken place on good roads as well; high-speed crashes have taken place on highways where drivers get into the Formula One mould, with tragic results. Why is a dedicated, sustained campaign against drinking and driving needed to make responsible adults see reason? If you are adult enough to get a licence, you must be mature enough to know that drink driving is not a menace to yourself but larger society as well. Why does it take jail terms and humungous fines to make people understand the basics, like whisky and the wheel do not mix?

Meanwhile we love to tell civic authorities about potholes and other rocky patches on our roads, but bad roads in fact, should make us warier as drivers. We must cut our speed down because of the bad roads, follow rules and avoid overtaking. It is you at the wheel who could rob a family of happiness forever or turn somebody‚Äôs life from light to darkness.  

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