BMC blacklists 5 sewage operation contractors

Feb 06, 2013, 06:53 IST | Sujit Mahamulkar

After MiD DAY reported on corrupt companies that submitted bills worth Rs 95 crore for work they never did, the civic agency blacklisted 5 of the department's contractors and issued notices to 12 others; six other contractors from CWC roads also shunted

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has come down hard on and blacklisting 11 of its contractors, of which five worked for the Sewage Operations (SO) department of the BMC.

MiD DAY report on January 14

MiD Day had reported earlier that the civic body had decided to blacklist errant contractors of the sewage operation (SO) department who were found guilty of corruption (‘BMC to blacklist guilty contractors,’ January 14). Keeping its word, the civic administration has blacklisted five contractors of the SO department and issued notices to 12 other contractors. The responses to the notices from the 12 contractors have been forwarded to the legal department and their decision on the matter is pending.

The blacklisted contractors will not be awarded work relating to any of BMC’s projects in future. Work was allotted to them between 2005 and 2008. The contractors tried to cheat the civic body by submitting bills worth Rs 95 crore for work on sewer lines and manholes that was actually never carried out. A lobby of contractors allegedly joined hands with a few civic officials from the Sewerage Operation (SO) department to make the claims.

The six other blacklisted contractors worked for the department of Civil Works Contracts, Roads. They were blacklisted due to shoddy work, as reported to the administration. An official release said, “The 11 contractors are blacklisted and the decision on another 12 contractors is pending with the legal department.”

The 5 contractors of the SO department which have been blacklisted:
M/s Mira Construction
M/s HMV Associates
M/s Chirag Construction
M/s Ratnasingh and Brothers
M/s Jekin Enterprise

Awaiting judgement
The list of contractors whose fate depends on the decision taken by the legal department
M/s Shambhav Enterprises
M/s Pusham Enterprises
M/s Jineshwar Engineering
M/s Hi-Rock Construction
M/s Reliable
M/s Apollo Associates
M/s Chintamani Construction
M/s P K Shah
M/s Mundara Enterprises
M/s Buildwell Associates
M/s Hiren Construction
M/s Times Construction

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