BMC plans to beautify Mumbai's dividers soon

Aug 02, 2013, 00:58 IST | Chetna Yerunkar

If you've given up on ever seeing prettier roads, here's good news. While potholes will perhaps remain, the city might see cleaner and prettier dividers by the end of the monsoon, as the civic body plans to beautify them

None other than the BMC’s Standing Committee Chairman Rahul Shewale has taken an interest in the project, and approached the administration to hire contractors to improve and thereafter maintain the dividers. 

Roadside view: If all goes according to plan, you may witness scenes like this on the city roads soon, with dividers being beautified. Representation pic

According to sources at BMC, contractors have already been approached and the beautification work of the dividers will begin before the monsoon ends. Minute decisions like the choice of plants to be planted are still pending, and should be completed by this weekend.

Firms who are awarded the contracts would also be responsible for the maintenance of the dividers, as the BMC plans to give maintenance contracts too.

The dividers are now maintained either by the advertisers or by the ward-level officer, and there are no specific contractors given the job for the same.

According to sources, Shewale had been brainstorming about the idea for quite a while, as he wanted specific parties to be accountable for the dividers and their beautification.

A senior BMC official said, “The file is pending with the roads department, and once its clearance is obtained, the proposal will be tabled. These plans will help in the development of the city and we can make our roads look beautiful.”

Shewale said, “This was a plan that we all were considering for a long time and currently we are in talks with some agencies who will make our roads better and our drives in Mumbai pleasant.” 

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