BMC wants to build again

Sep 01, 2012, 02:26 IST | Varun Singh

After a dry spell of two years when many proposals for development were turned down, things look all set to change for the real estate sector, with new commissioner urging architects and developers to take up projects again

After being shunted for two years by the civic body, builders, architects and other members of the real estate fraternity are finally welcome at the BMC again.

Municipal Commissioner Sitaram Kunte
Building together: After the Municipal Commissioner Sitaram Kunte’s meeting with the architects and developers, the BMC has passed nearly 60 proposals in the last month, which is being considered a turning point for the real estate sector. FILE PIC  File pic

The winds of change were ushered in by the incumbent commissioner Sitaram Kunte, who recently met with architects at the building proposal office of the eastern zone, located at Vikhroli. And going by what he said, it appears that the tide is all set to turn for builders and developers.

A senior officer from the building proposal department in Vikhroli confirmed that the commissioner paid a visit to the office earlier this month, and conducted a meeting with all the architects.

One of the architects who was in attendance at the meeting said, “This was after a long time, that the commissioner of BMC came to meet architects and developers. The commissioner held the meeting at the Vikhroli office, where he told us that the government and the civic body is losing out on revenue, and that development has come to a standstill. He said proposals need to be passed and asked as what problems we have been facing. He had a very friendly approach and it feels good that developers and architects are being considered again.”

Kunte’s actions seem to match his words. The BMC has passed nearly 60 proposals in the last month, which is being considered a turning point for the real estate sector, considering that almost no proposals for buildings were passed in the last two years. The civic body is now passing nearly two proposals every day, which builders consider is a considerable improvement.

The past two years have been a long dry spell for builders, with Kunte’s predecessor reportedly giving them a wide berth and passing few proposals for redevelopment and construction, in the wake of the Adarsh scam expose.

Another architect said, “The former commissioner has made it impossible to construct on or redevelop a any small plot, because of the amendments in the DCR. Because of this, entire projects are stuck. Till the time these amendments are made, it would be difficult for us to carry out major construction projects across the city,” he said.

“Finally there is change in the BMC’s policy; we appreciate this and are positive that something is finally moving in the BMC. The BMC has passed the proposals for buildings and this is good news,” said Paras Gundecha, president of MCHI-CREDAI, the apex body for real estate in Mumbai. Kunte could not be contacted for comment.  

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