BMC wants residents to raze their own houses

Oct 17, 2013, 04:08 IST | Chetna Yerunkar

That way, they would at least be able to save doors, fixtures and other interiors, and sell the rubble, officials say; moreover, if BMC does it, residents would also have to cough up a fine

Whether the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) doesit or gets someone to do it, there seems no stopping the imminent destruction at Campa Cola compound. And for its sake as well as theirs, the BMC is hoping that the residents take over the demolition procedure, scheduled to commence on November 11.

BMC officials claim that if the residents pull down the floors themselves, they would be in a position to save their doors, windows, wardrobes and ‘all those fancy interiors that are attached to the walls’, as an official involved in the process put it. “The residents have to vacate their premises by November 11, and whatever remains beyond that time will be scrap for the BMC, from which the civic body would earn lakhs,” he said.

The civic body plans to give the demolition contract worth Rs 2.11 crore to a private contractor and collect the sum from the residents in the way of fines. Mohan Adtani, additional municipal commissioner (city), who is in charge of the demolition procedure, said, “If the demolition is done by the residents themselves, they wouldn’t have to pay any fine. Our procedure would take a long time as the various utility providers -- for water, power and cooking gas -- would be involved to take care of the needs of the residents on the floors below the ones to be flattened.”

He added, “We will be taking care of all the important factors as the procedure would begin with providing a water tanker for residents on first to fifth floors, (which are legal and won’t be touched).”

Rubble revenue
A BMC officer said on the request of anonymity, “The math is that lakhs in revenue would be collected from the scrap of so many houses, which again will be with the civic body if the residents don’t remove it or don’t do the demolition themselves. Approximately five months will be needed for this so-called planneddemolition after which 96 families would lose their houses.

The quotations are almost done and the proposal is expected to be discussed in the standing committee. After it is passed, the demolition contract would be final. If it isn’t passed the demolition would still take place with the BMC’s own labour pressed into service, and more time would be required for the same procedure.”

Number game
7: Number of buildings affected in Campa Cola society
2: Number of towers with 17 and 20 floors each 
5: Number of floors in every building that are legal 
35: Number of floors that would be demolished 
96: Total number of flats that would be razed

Drawn-out ordeal for residents as demolition may take 5 months 
Residents of Campa Cola’s illegal floors will have to watch as their homes slowly crumble over the next half year, as the process unreels. The BMC has roped in a private contractor to tear down the 96 apartments on the illegal floors of the seven buildings in the society. But rather than having to deal with the blow all at once, residents may have to watch their homes brought down over five months – the time span given to the contractor to knock down the last illegal brick from the structure. 

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