Bogus pupils: Schools in city de-recognition list protest innocence

May 09, 2012, 08:51 IST | A Correspondent

Some city schools that are to be de-recognised by May 31 by the state government because more than 50 per cent of their student strength was found to exist only on paper have contested the charge and expressed surprise at having receiving a notice to the effect from the MSCERT yesterday

According to the MSCERT, some 35 schools from the city and over 2,900 in the state are set to lose their official recognition by the end of the month for violating government norms. 

The education department in October did a survey of all government-aided schools numbering over a lakh in the state to verify genuine and bogus students, after a project revealed 1,40,000 fake pupils on school rolls. Some schools were found to have inflated the number of enrolled students to obtain grants.

The managements of some city schools that received the notice and report of MSCERT findings said the findings were baseless.

“We are not aware of this or why we have been named. However, our school does not resort to admitting bogus students. In fact, we have been receiving a number of applications for admission and have been refusing these as we don’t have the seats. The management will comment officially only after validating the report,” a St Vincent High School official said.

The administrator of Mhalsakant Vidyalaya, another school which has received the notice, stated that the school had sent its representative to the director of MSCERT to know about the authenticity of the findings. “The report was based on the investigation by the education board officials conducted on October 3, 4 and 5 in our schools and others, which we think is not correct. It states that about 70 per cent of the students in our schools from Standard V to X are bogus. We’ll have to check from where they got the numbers,” the administrator of the school said.

The report mentions the number of genuine students and fake students and the amount of grant applied for and allocated to the schools.

As for the affected students, the education department will accommodate them in other schools. “As per the notice, schools that had bogus enrolment will not be allowed to recruit any teachers in future and their existing teachers will be transferred to other schools. We have sent them a detailed report and action will be taken against them accordingly,” MSCERT Director of Primary Education M R Kadam said.

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