Bollywood's blue-eyed boys are back!

Mar 22, 2013, 01:48 IST | Dhara Vora and Ruchika Kher

One is happiest with the two loves of his life � films and fashion; while, the other reveals his interest in real estate, and for a change, his friends from the film industry won't walk the ramp. As the stage is set for another edition of the Lakme Fashion Week, the Guide gets the two veterans to talk about their collections, inspirations and everything in between

Manish Malhotra >>

When one says ‘Bollywood Star’, it’s the names of actors that would come to one’s mind, but for an exception of a fashion designer — Manish Malhotra. He has dressed the biggest stars in the industry, is a staple at the fanciest Bollywood parties, but is also a name to reckon with as a designer.

Malhotra predicts neons to continue being in trend this season too

Showcasing his collection at the finale of Day 1 at the Fashion Week today, designer Manish Malhotra gives us a glimpse into his collection that will be celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema.

Could you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind your current collection?
The collection that I will showcase, is my way of celebrating 100 years of cinema through fashion. It is inspired by three main eras of fashion in Indian cinema, from 1913 to 2013. I have created a collection by putting together distinctive styles of every iconic era in Indian cinema.

What fabrics, cuts and colour palette have you used for this time around?
I am mainly using chiffons, georgette, silks and net. Starting with few black-and white garments of 1930s to Anarkalis with fitted salwar of the ‘60s/‘70s; and ‘80s inspired saris in floral/psychedelic prints that reflect the hippie, chic culture; lots of disco bling to the transition that happened between ‘90s to 2013; when styling became more glamorous and a lot of shaded fabrics, pastels, casual chic plus lavish garments came into being. A lot of sequins and Kashmiri work will be fused into the period-specific designs.

Manish Malhotra

Is there any element from your present collection, which you feel will emerge as a trend from the ramp to the masses?
Like we see, fashion is becoming a lot about comfort and chicness. So I think simpler, clean-cuts, easy-to-wear, black-and-white, monochromatic colours, and since it is summer — a lot of greens, yellows and maybe, black will emerge as a trend.

What are the key trends, which you expect from the Fashion Week?
From my collection, like I mentioned earlier, simple, clean-cut kurtas with a modern twist oozing chicness, black-and-white traditional yet Indian garments, a dash of neon, and my favorite color this season — Green!

Ramp or films, what medium is the dearest to your heart?
I love cinema and I enjoy fashion. So both are equally dear to me and are inter-connected.

Of late, several big league designers have written books. Do we see one from you in the future?
Not as of now, but if I do write one, it would be about two most important things in my life — movies and fashion.

Rocky S >>

Rocky S and Bollywood go hand in hand. So, when the designer revealed that there would be no Bollywood celebrity strutting down the ramp as the showstopper for his show, eyebrows were raised.

A design from his collection

But, Rocky explains, “My clothes are meant for anyone who wants to look like a celebrity, they are not just for celebrities. But when a celebrity showcases them, people feel that they are only meant for them. I wanted to remove this notion. That’s why I don’t have a Bollywood showstopper this year. I wanted the focus only on my collection. As it is, by getting a star, I don’t have to prove that they wear my clothes because by now, everyone knows that.”

Black magic woman

Rocky will showcase the second season of his line Rocky Star on March 23, which will see models sashaying down the ramp in bold designs created with the colour, black. “Of all the colours in the spectrum, I am most fascinated by black: it is compatible, flattering, and appealing to all. Since it is extremely difficult to connect black with calm and tranquility, the ramp will witness the other side of black as I try my best to bring out the serenity of the era of romanticism through my collection,” informs the designer, who often dresses the likes of Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif and Shilpa Shetty among others.

Rocky S

Fabrics like georgette, chiffon, satin, silk and net are used for the line to give it a feminine feel and the silhouettes have been kept contemporary with a wide range of dresses and gowns. Since the start of his career, Rocky has created a niche in the fashion industry by not just making a mark with his designs on the ramp but also designing for films as well as international celebrities including Paris Hilton, Beyoncé and The Pussycat Dolls.

Brand the name

As someone who has already established himself in the fashion world, why the need to be part of a fashion week? “My buyers know me and approach me, directly. I showcase at LFW for brand awareness, to make people know what I have every season. Also, I am a creative person and I like fashion shows. But as far as business is concerned, people who want my clothes, come to me directly and all is not dependant on the fashion week I’m showcasing at,” he explains.

Rocky turns to Real Estate

With many from the fashion circuit, exploring other options, designer Rocky S too, is ready to take a plunge into the property business. The designer will be working on a project in Goa, where he will be designing 10 holiday homes. “I love doing different stuff and now I’m trying to get into property. I will start work on my Goa project soon. My family is into the construction business, so they guide and help me in understanding the nuances. It is challenging because it’s new but I’m excited,” he admits.

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