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Apr 03, 2013, 23:54 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Though Sachin Khedekar is not ungrateful towards Bollywood cinema, the talented actor feels it's Marathi cinema that has more than satisfied his craving for powerful roles.

“I would probably do much more in Hindi but there are other big actors in Bollywood who can do my kind of roles. Now I’m eagerly waiting for a lengthy role in an A grade film,” says Sachin. The actor, who was recently seen in a Marathi film and has his hands full with a TV show, a Gujarati play and a Tamil film, talks to CS about the kind of roles that excite him:

Sachin Khedekar
Who: Sachin Khedekar
What: On his stint in Hindi and Marathi cinema 
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Marathi cinema beckons
Marathi cinema has given me much more powerful roles than Hindi cinema has — there’s no two ways about it! In Hindi, I keep playing stock characters — I call them fringe roles. No doubt, I’ve played some extremely important characters too, but never a lengthy role, the honourable exception being Bose: The Forgotten Hero. In Marathi cinema, I get meatier parts. Last year, I went in search of Hindi roles as there was not much happening in Marathi cinema. But now Marathi cinema is evolving. There are great opportunities for actors like me and there is a lot of variety.

Exploiting friendships! 
Mahesh (Manjarekar) and I are old friends. We used to do theatre together. I’ve worked in a few of Mahesh’s films too. He has given me some really meaty roles. I have exploited my relationship with him that way! (laughs) He’s a brilliant actor himself and it’s great fun to work with him.

Learning from colleagues
I’ve worked with some really fantastic actors. Senior actors like Vinay Apte (my guru), Vikram Gokhale, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Dr Shriram Lagoo — I’ve worked with them all and learnt so much from them. Bose, which was the most important high of my life, gave me the opportunity to work with Mr Benegal. I had a done a film Virudhh with Amitabh Bachchan. I’ve always admired him. Actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan — their stardom is contagious. And of course, you get to learn a lot.

Excitement is in variety
As far as roles are concerned, now I look at what will challenge me the most. My hunger as an actor is increasing. Variety keeps me occupied. I’m hosting a TV show, doing a Gujarati play, acting in a Tamil film, I’ve done films as different as Astitva and Tere Naam too. I want to do anything and everything that keeps me excited. After 25 years of acting, there is an unrest and an optimism in me that keeps me going.

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