Bollywood 2.0 - Less is more!

Jul 23, 2012, 14:32 IST | Avinash Iyer

Akshar Pathak creates posters of Bollywood movies based on just one idea or striking scene associated with the film.

Hindi film posters are known to be loud in terms of text and colour, very much in keeping with the movies they promote — a far cry from the minimalist school of design.

Minimum clutter, maximum impact: Akshar Pathak

This is why it wouldn’t be wrong to attach a tag of exclusivity to Akshar Pathak’s initiative, Minimal Bollywood Posters.

22-year-old Pathak, who graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, a year ago, creates posters of Bollywood films based on just one idea or striking scene associated with the film.

His posters are subtle, yet communicate the message effectively.

“Minimalism has been used for Hollywood movies before, as well as advertising, but never for Bollywood,” Pathak says, when asked about why he decided to do what he does.

He created a Facebook page for his posters in February this year and has a dedicated blog too. Nearly 18,000 people have ‘liked’ his page and over 5,000 are ‘talking about’ it.

Pathak says this initiative does not provide for his bread and butter. He works as a user-interface designer in Gurgaon. “I did not start this as a business venture. In fact, it began as a joke. I showed some of my works to colleagues at the office. They liked it and shared it.”

Barring cinema, he has also created posters for a few television serials and popular personalities.

For now, Pathak has no idea of how to monetize this passion of his, but does not rule out future possibilities. His designs will soon be seen on a particular brand of shirts.

He is also in talks for a ‘big project,’ about which he does not want to reveal much at present.

Here are some of his favourite designs. If you like what you see, feel free to share your opinion. 

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