Bollywood news from behind bars

Jul 10, 2013, 08:31 IST | Asira Tarannum

Some piping hot news from one of the most unsuspecting quarters

Staying true to the adage that life moves on, it looks like even while some of our Bollywood folk, removed from the public eye, are/were living their lives behind bars, there seems to be no dearth of buzz about them doing the rounds. And you’d think the insides of a prison would just be another regular place on the earth!

Sanjay Dutt

Behind the boundaries
It’s been almost a couple of months since Sanjay Dutt started serving his 42-month long jail sentence but it seems his friends just can’t wait for him to resume his duties as an actor.

Sooraj Pancholi

Every screening of his new film Policegiri is preceded with an audio-visual, presenting the audience with a sequence of montages painting Sanju’s life from being a toddler to much-married man he is now. Perhaps the producers of his films intended the “Baba will be back” statement along with the A/V to strike a chord in the hearts of the audience. Now, we don’t know if the audience has really lapped up the film, but what we heard latest is that Maanayata has been doing the rounds of single screen theatres to find out if her hubby’s film has found the right kind of response.

While it’s still hard to ascertain if Dutt’s predicament has managed to rouse the audience’s sympathy, we heard that it certainly has moved his domestic staff, up to the point that they have been apparently shedding copious tears in their former boss’s absence. Apparently, Dutt’s house help was shattered to know that the jailed star allegedly earns a meagre Rs 4,000 while making paper bags in jail, whereas the help earns much more than that.

Food for thought
Now while Sooraj has managed to find his way out of jail, it’s but natural to hear that the aspiring actor’s mother Zarina Wahab has been fussing silly over her boy. While sources close to him have been ruing about their bachcha having to eat diluted daal and machine ka roti behind the bars, his mother, in a bid to cheer him up, apparently took Sooraj to catch a show of Raanjhanaa. Not the right choice for a film to watch under these circumstances, no?

The Salman connect?
Not many know that Pooja Bedi’s beau Akashdeep Saigal’s brother Kamal is currently an undertrial at the Arthur Road Jail. And it was he who apparently took good care of Sooraj when the aspiring actor was lodged there before being granted bail. Incidentally, Akashdeep was part of a previous season of Bigg Boss that was hosted by Salman Khan, who also happens to be Sooraj’s mentor.  

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