'Bomber was dressed as a lawyer'

Sep 12, 2011, 06:32 IST | Mohit Sharma

Say NIA sources, disclosing an eyewitness account, based on which a fresh sketch of the suspect in the Delhi High Court blast case has been prepared.

Say NIA sources, disclosing an eyewitness account, based on which a fresh sketch of the suspect in the Delhi High Court blast case has been prepared.

No major breakthroughs yet in the Delhi High Court blast case, but National Investigation Agency (NIA) sources tell MiD DAY that a fresh sketch has been prepared and circulated among officers of the agency, based on the descriptions provided by a key witness. The sketch reportedly appears completely different from those issued by Delhi police.

Tight spot: The scene outside Delhi High Court's gate no. 5 on
Wednesday after the blast. file pic

This particular eyewitness was standing in the senior citizens line that day and was injured in the incident.
Right on queue "His description gives us a completely different person who might have planted the bag that day. He has told us that there was a man in his mid-twenties who kept a briefcase just a few metres away from him. He then moved to the counter window but the witness intervened as he thought that the man was breaking the queue," NIA sources said.

Explosive issue: Police secure the scene of the blast outside Delhi High
Court on Wednesday. F
ile pic

Sources said that the bystander told them that the man then went back and someone even said, "Waqil sahib apna bag to le jao (Lawyer sir, please take your bag)." Ten seconds later the bomb went off. NIA officials said that as per the description provided by the witness, the man was clean shaven and was wearing oval shaped spectacles with a golden frame.

Dressed to kill!
"He was also wearing a black coat to look like a lawyer and a cream coloured pant. The man had spiked hair and had a pointed nose," the eyewitness told NIA. Sources also said that from initial investigations it seems that the man, after disappearing from the queue, went straight to his associate who was waiting for him on a bike or some other vehicle and then triggered the blast.

"We are probing the case partly on the lines and descriptions given to us by this eyewitness and have prepared fresh sketches," officials said. According to reports, this witness stays near South Campus area of south district. "We believe him since he told us that he can't forget the face of that man since he looked at him with a feeling of anger as the former thought that the man was trying to break the queue as he went up to the window despite many others standing behind him," the source said. Delhi police sources said a lot of others also mildly remember the same description which this eyewitness has given.

Foreign hand in probe!
With little progress so far, investigators probing the Delhi High Court blast case have asked foreign intelligence agencies in southeast Asia if they have picked up any signal or communication related to the attack. Official sources said today that the investigators were in regular touch with foreign agencies, particularly of the United States, to get any information related to the blast, including whether it was carried out by any home grown terror outfit having links across the border or by terrorists based in neighbouring countries. The sleuths are also taking help from the foreign agencies to find out the origin of the emails claiming responsibility for the blast. Home Minister P Chidambaram on Friday had said that agencies of foreign countries had been contacted to crack the case.

Open-and-shut case? Not quite
The Delhi High Court has nine gates, of which gate numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5 are usually closed. Gate number 1 is used by judges, while litigants and lawyers enter through gate numbers 7 and 8. Vehicle heading for parking lots inside the court complex enter from gates 6 and 9.

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