Boob jobs 'not tax deductible'

Jul 05, 2012, 18:54 IST | ANI

Surprised at the things people try to claim, an accountant from East Brisbane has warned that boob jobs and cats are not tax deductions

The information comes amidst the Australian Tax Office’s warning that it will be on the hunt for fraudulent claims.

Nathan Morris from Morris Accounting said that while many didn’t know about the 20 percent rebate they could claim after incurring above 2000 dollars in medical costs, cosmetic surgery such as breast enlargement was not included.

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This includes dancers and working girls.

“They try under medical expenses but it’s not allowed,” a major newspaper quoted him as saying.

Morris also said that people often thought they could claim travel, car expenses and even the family pet as a tax deduction but often came unstuck.

“In years gone by the ATO used to give a travel deduction, which may or may not have had to be substantiated,” he said.

“Travel is a big thing where people get unstuck,” Morris said.

While in some situations guard dogs could be claimed for legitimate business purposes, Morris said some had tried to push the line.

“If you’re a home based business and you keep a pet there, yeah, you are pushing it.

“I actually had a person with a cat ask if that was cool, and I was like ‘are you kidding?’” he said.

An ATO spokeswoman said about 16 billion dollars in work-related expenses were claimed each year.

According to her, deductions should be made for “things you paid for with your own money to help you earn your income.''”

Tax Commissioner Michael D’Ascenzo said the ATO had prosecuted 1106 individuals and 400 companies for tax and superannuation offences over the past year.

Of these, 916 individuals and 332 companies had a formal conviction recorded.

“Offences included failing to lodge a tax return, providing false and misleading information and receiving a fee for preparing an income tax return when not being a registered tax agent,”'' he said.

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