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Jan 07, 2015, 06:05 IST | Suprita Mitter

With time-strapped lifestyles and busy schedules, is a new portal to book religious ceremonies across the world

Just-launched site ePuja claims to be India’s first online portal to offer access to religious ceremonies and remedy rituals across 3,600 temples in India.

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“The aim is to encourage the younger generation to actively participate in religious activities.

It is a one stop shop for all temples and Pujas,” says Shiva Kumar, founder, ePuja Web Solutions Private Limited. If you choose to book a homam and yagna, a video is shot for the same and couriered to you.”

Be it information about temples or seeking answers to your problems through Remedy Pujas (for example: marriage, job problems etc) or to gift divine blessings to a loved one, ePuja claims to be able to pull it off anywhere in the world, on the date you choose. ePuja promises 100% money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction. ePuja will offer spiritual merchandise online from January 15.

Log on to:

How to?

ePuja has also introduced a mobile app for android users that one can download. ePuja for IOS, Windows and BB users will be available for download from January. This app has a four-step method:

>> Choose the pujas and sub-categories from a variety of 3,600 temples.

 Fill in your personal details such as name, contact number; etc, to book a puja with a minimum lead time of three days.

 Shipping details to be filled for the prasadum that will be delivered at your doorstep.

 Opt for PayPal, for international citizens and HDFC Bank for Indians.

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