Sep 20, 2013, 01:48 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Gear up for the Pune International Literary Festival (PILF), an event where you can meet authors and publishers as well as take part in workshops and attend panel discussions on various literary topics

The city is all set to host a literary event organised by Pune-based authors, Dr Manjiri Prabhu and Sonja Chandrachud, in association with the Maharashtra Academy of Engineering and Educational Research’s MIT group of institutions. It aims to bring Pune it’s own literary festival. The three-day event will be hosted at the sprawling and scenic campus of the MIT group of institutions at Kothrud.

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The event aims to engage, explore and experiment with all forms and genres of the written word. Speaking about the event, Prabhu says, “We have a lot of authors in the city who are not known in the literary world, hence, we decided to organise this festival to encourage them as well as others. There will be workshops by eminent personalities on how to write scripts and how to write books that can be published.

Vaishali Mathur, publisher of Penguin Books along with other publishers will be attending the event. There will be 145 literary personalities, who will guide people. The main focus of the festival is expression of literature.”

Prabhu adds that this year they will be hosting events on English Adult literature (fiction and non-fiction), English Young Adult(YA), Marathi literature and translations. There will be interactive workshops, panel discussions as well as in-depth author conversations. “We will try to cover all forms of writing, from traditional literature to the latest in blogging and flash fiction,” she explains.

One of the objectives behind the festival is to showcase authors and creative personalities from across media and demystify the gloss around the creative world. From classics to popular literature to the written word in other media like TV, Film, Radio and Blogging, PILF will trace the evolution and the importance of the written word in the contemporary society.

Chandrachud elaborates that PILF will help bridge the gap between readers and writers by encouraging the youth to experiment and explore the written word in a creative manner. “PILF will focus on highlighting the process behind creative writing. We truly believe in Pune’s love for literature,” she states.

Authors Shashi Deshpande, Ashwin Sanghi and Shobhaa Dé as well as Siddhartha Jain, CEO and film producer at iRock Films, will be attending the event.

Jain, who is on the advisory board of the festival points out that the festival will showcase the literary talent in the city. “We hope that Pune becomes a landmark in the literary festival circuit. People who are confident of their writing skills but are struggling to get published can get help here.”

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