Bootcamp with a barbeque, anyone?

Sep 21, 2014, 07:26 IST | Moeena Halim

This beach bootcamp combines fitness, adventure and a moonlight barbeque

No matter how demanding a fitness bootcamp sounds, it need not be all work and no play; especially if it’s going to be on the beautiful Kihim beach. Fitventure, a combination of adventure activities such as rappelling and functional fitness sessions, intends to include several “fun elements” such as a barbeque on the beach and music by the moonlight.

The boot camp will be held on September 27-28
The boot camp will be held on September 27-28

“So many people spend their weekends going for treks and indulging in other adventure activities. We wanted to introduce the fitness element to their weekend getaways,” says Mohit Sahni of Quest Fitness. The functional fitness exponent tied up with Wanderstruck’s Hashim Moizuddin, who organises adventure activities such as rappelling, Burma bridge, leap of faith, rock climbing, jummaring and monkey crawl at his property in Kihim and at Sogaon, a nearby village.

The Burma Bridge will be one of the activities there
The Burma Bridge will be one of the activities there

While thoughts of Kihim beach might trigger images of Alibag, you will find Moizuddin’s property wonderfully isolated. “The weekend of our first Fitventure event, September 27-28, is going to be mid-moon time. We could also pitch tents for people interested in sleeping on the beach,” offers Moizuddin. Those who’d prefer beds can opt for dorm-style accommodation or hotel rooms.

You could take the jetty or come by road. “Saturday will be spent enjoying two adventure activities, while Sunday morning will be dedicated to a functional fitness workout such as an Obstacle Course or Commando Drills,” says Sahni. Planning to make this a monthly event, the Fitventure duo is going to organise a different activity and workout each time.

“We will also have fitness experts, dietician or motivational speakers talk to the participants,” says Sahni. “I believe about 10-15 per cent of the people will see this as an eye-opener. While doing a fun drill, they may find themselves slipping out of the inertia and realise how important it is to work on their fitness regularly. It will certainly be more than just a fun weekend getaway,” he adds.

Children are welcome to join, and the duo is also happy to encourage people to bring along their guitars to liven up the evening by the sea. “But there’s going to be no alcohol. We’re hoping to very subtly suggest they sleep at a decent time so they make it in time for the workout the next morning,” says Sahni with a laugh.

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