Bora bazar paper market

Apr 25, 2012, 07:43 IST | Dhara Vora

It's about the small joys. The feel while running one's fingers over handmade, textured or recycled paper is something else.

A place to find countless types of paper is Bora Bazar. Mumbai’s main paper markets are in Girgaum and Bora Bazar, which is the oldest. Most shops are owned by Gujarati merchants. The street’s proximity to CST station ensured that it was possible to transport printing paper across the Indian subcontinent.

A slice of the city that misses the eye

As you enter the narrow, chaotic lane, the first section stocks printer paper. Ahead, there are older paper and cardboard shops (including the 60-year-old Shah Mulji Lakham Ji and Co). For fancier variants stop by Star Fine Papers Co or Sun Enterprises. The street is also home to the city’s oldest Derasar (Jain place of worship, 203 years old). 

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