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Jan 07, 2014, 10:01 IST | Ruchika Kher

Chinese Chequers, a two-week-old eatery in Andheri, has everything going right for it in terms of location (near Bhavan’s College) and cuisine (desi Chinese fare), but it needs to get its act together, and fast, for good reviews

Chinese Chequers

Food: disappointing
Service: attentive
Ambiance: casual

When you open a restaurant near a college, one thing that’s taken care of is footfall. But only strategising the location isn’t enough; it’s important to up the ante from all angles. That’s what we felt after sampling the food from Chinese Chequers, the newly-launched Chinese restaurant in Andheri (W).

We entered the restaurant an hour before lunchtime, and were impressed with its red-themed interiors.

Salt and Pepper Chicken was the only saving grace amongst the dishes we ordered Pic/ Rane Ashish

Bright colours are good for the vibe and it worked. But, as they are also trying to position themselves as a take-away place, we decided to dig into a Chinese lunch at work, and chose a take-away instead.

The menu wasn’t elaborate compared to most Chinese places of this variety, so we were able to place our orders quickly: Brocolli and Potato Balls (`100), Chicken Salt and Pepper (`125), Garlic Chicken Gravy (`130), Veg Burnt Garlic Rice (`120) and Veg Hakka Noodles (`120).

Within 25 minutes, our order was ready, and we were off. The food was packed well in white plastic boxes, not the flimsy kinds, and it was intact and warm until we reached office. Without wasting much time, we tucked into our working lunch.

First into our plates were the rice and chicken gravy dish, both didn’t match up to the flavour that we were expecting. The rice was nothing special while the bland gravy had no trace of the garlic-ey punch.

The Veg Hakka Noodles was average. The real spoiler was the Broccoli and Potato Balls. We could taste the uncooked flour in it. Inexcusable. The lone saviour was the Salt and Pepper Chicken that salvaged us from a forgettable lunch. Chinese Chequers will need to pull up its socks if it needs to play
the game.

AT 3 and 4, ground floor, Naman CHS, 22, Dadabhai Road,
Andheri (W).
CALL 7678058910

Chinese Chequers didn’t know we were there.

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