Boy hurt in school scuffle will need glasses, but retina intact

Aug 08, 2015, 15:07 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

The student of Std I had injured his eye at Ryan International School after a classmate allegedly inserted a sharp object into it; he underwent a cataract operation

A day after reports about six-year-old Std I student, Harsh Agarwal, sustaining an eye injury allegedly due to a sharp object inserted by a classmate surfaced, the surgeon who operated on him said that there is no retinal damage to his eye.

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The boy’s family has sent a legal notice to the school for inadequate security measures

The Agarwals had claimed that the boy punctured his retina due to the incident and has suffered irreversible damage. The treating ophthalmologist has said that the lens of Agarwal’s right eye was punctured due to the incident, which was probably caused due to a sharp object, and he developed cataract for which he was operated on. Jaiprakash Agarwal, father of the student of Ryan International School at Chembur, has sent a legal notice to the school for inadequate security measures, including unavailability of teacher, and lack of security cameras.

The incident took place on Thursday at Ryan International School during recess. The scuffle, involving two six-year-old Std I students turned into a worrisome affair as Harsh suffered an eye injury which according to the doctors, was caused due to a sharp object.

“We immediately got a retinal scan done and found that the retina of the boy is intact. His cornea was punctured and he had developed cataract. We then removed the cataract and sutured the cornea. The patient has undergone intraocular lens implant which will be changed as he grows since the power of his eyes will keep changing,” said Dr Rita Shah, ophthalmologist at Ayush Children and Eye hospital.

While the doctor said that she wont be able to confirm if it was scissors that caused the wound, she said it could be any sharp object. “The damage isn’t irreversible, his eye looked perfectly fine to me and he will only need to wear glasses,” added Shah.

Meanwhile, family of the boy has been insisting that the injury has been caused due to scissors. The school authorities have maintained that the injury was caused due to a fingernail. “We inquired with the other child, and he said his finger accidentally hit the student in the eye, and that there was no sharp object in his hands,” the school’s spokesperson said.

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