Brave dog killed while protecting owner from armed attacker in Mumbai

Apr 14, 2017, 06:02 IST | Santosh Wagh

A pet dog pays with his life while trying to save his parent from an assaulter. After Antop Hill woman tries to help stranger from stalker, accused slashes her pet dog who bit him

Sumathi Devendra mourns her pet Lucky during a funeral arranged for him

A pet dog paid with his life while trying to save his parent from an assaulter. While the police arrested a 23-year-old for the killing, the accused managed to secure bail last evening. Antop Hill police said the incident took place on Monday. The accused, Venkatesh Devendra, who works as a mechanic, had been stalking his neighbour Jyothy Devendra.

On Monday evening, Devendra requested Jyothy to meet him at the local temple. During the meeting, Jyothy, who was accompanied by Devendra's sister-in-law Roshi, made it clear that she wasn't interested in him. Angered by the rejection, Devendra tried to attack Jyothy. However, his sister-in-law intervened and warned him of dire consequences.

“In the ensuing argument, Devendra took out a knife to threaten Roshi but she managed to escape and got to a home nearby for help,” said an officer with the Antop Hill Police station.

Seeing Roshi scared, the owner of the house, Sumathi Devendra, gave her shelter. “Within a few minutes, Devendra reached Sumathi's house and demanded that Roshi come out,” the officer added.

the dog died trying to stave off a knife-wielding assailant
The dog died trying to stave off a knife-wielding assailant

Dog to the rescue
Sumathi opened the door, and asked Devendra to leave. When he tried to assault her, Sumathi's 13-month-old pet dog, Lucky, caught hold of his leg. Devendra panicked and attacked him with the knife.

“After stabbing the dog, he sped away on his bike. Sumathi took Lucky to Parel animal hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival,” said another police officer.

Sumathi later registered a complaint with the Antop Hill police. Devendra was arrested yesterday under section 429 (mischief by killing or maiming cattle or animal) of the IPC. He paid a fine of R5,000 and secured bail the same evening.

'He was my guard'
A grief-stricken Sumathi is still coming to terms with Lucky's death. “I found him when he was barely a month old. He was a stray, but children in our area loved him,” she said. “Lucky was my guard. Whenever there was an argument or issue with a neighbour, he would intervene. His love for me cost him his life. Devendra should be punished.”

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