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Jan 28, 2014, 11:07 IST | The Guide Team

California-based artist and musician, professor Leroy Parker was recently spotted in Pune. A one-of-a-kind painter, he is known for his unique skill of combining the best of art with fashion. The GUIDE spoke to him about India as a source of inspiration

What inspires you to paint on clothes while listening to music?
The human form is sacred and I am in a human form. I love to see the human form in motion and painted in colours.

Artist Leroy Parker

What do you prefer — painting or music, and why?
Painting is my first love but I love music deeply. Because anything a person attempts to do, any problem to solve; he or she must bring a positive image before them (to solve that problem). This is art. For example, Einstein had to envision the image of the equation E=MC square. I love painting and music equally because they are both vibrations.
You have said that “Wearing my painted clothing helps to break down barriers between me / us.” What do you mean?
What happens is that people are so shocked with the newness and uniqueness of the designs. They know they’re fresh so they just start gushing and opening up. It’s powerful. This is what breaks down the barriers and walls
around people.

Is this your first trip to India? What attracted you to the country and our city?
This is not my first time. I love India very much. I have been here on a spiritual quest earlier but never for my work. I love Indian people. My attraction towards India started started long before — in 1987, when I first visited India. My Guru Avatar Meher Baba was born in the city and thus, I love it a lot. Whenever I’m here, I feel good as the people around me, look like me, brown coloured.

Which is your favouite colour and which colour don’t you like?
(Laughs a lot) My favourite colours are many — soft blue, red, orange, black and white but there are no colours that I don’t like.

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