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The Breakfast Club's second appearance at Corniche restaurant on Bandra's Carter Road, piqued our taste buds. Keen to taste more, we discovered tepid bubbles behind this pop-up space

Pop-ups have been the flavour of the season across several corners of the city. Exciting as it is, to find new dishes in established restaurants, we were wondering how pop-ups do in the city. We caught up with Clementine Vandeleur of The Breakfast Club at Bandra’s Corniche in the first quarter of this year. The Breakfast Club with its aim for perky starts to the day has re-jigged its menu giving us a perfect opportunity to rediscover the feasibility of the idea.

The Brussels painted a pretty picture after a belated arrival. Pic/ Sameer Markande

This time around, you get sups from Paris, Israel, New York, Vienna, Naples, and lots more. Bunking our Sunday siestas, we hopped to the seaside eatery that had a thriving ambiance with the retention of its chequered tablecloths. The wide umbrellas helped us in playing hide-and-seek with the November sun. Between lots of yaps, we caught the attendant’s attention to get us the menu who took a while to take our order.

The Berliner (R200), Brussels (R250) and a Mumbaikar were our food calling. Yes, Chef Amit Chaudhuri has also configured three variations of the city’s palate of which we ordered Fried Bombil with Rassa (R275). As the heat was parching our energy, a Cucumber and Mint Cooler (R150) was also asked for. Eventually, sweet tooth cravings called and the savouries were reckoned as takeaways.

It took nearly half an hour for our plated ensemble to arrive. The busy air of the restaurant perhaps distracted the zest in the concept to fizzle out a little. As waffles in drizzled chocolate sauce accompanied with a dollop of vanilla ice cream and sliced strawberries arrived, it was admitted that the Cooler had been long forgotten. the waffles were slightly on the thicker side and the dessert was rewarding yet it failed to cast a memorable impression. After few errands run, the Berliner greeted us in an hour. Described as a Bratwurst Bun sandwiching a German sausage, the brunch had its succulent moments marred by the bun’s flakiness.

Gradually, coming home to the city’s obsession, the fried Bombil missed the delight of being reasonably spiced whereas the Rassa jogged about to come to the rescue. The Bhakri-like bread was far too thick. The Club astounded our judgment, which had excited us the last time we say in the gleam of the restaurant’s white interiors. The welcomed reduction in prices makes us hope that palate pleasures gain importance in this seaward kitchen.

On Every Sunday, 11 am to 4 pm
At The Breakfast Club at Corniche, B 15, Gagangiri CHS, Carter Road, Bandra (W).
Call 26460147

The Breakfast Club didn’t know we were there. The GUIDE reviews anonymously and pays for meals. 

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