Break that fast, now!

Sep 06, 2012, 11:26 IST | Soma Das

There is no excuse anymore to skip your main meal of the day. The BrkFst, the new breakfast delivery service in the city, will ensure you kickstart your day on a healthy note with a menu that includes a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes

When Assad Dadan (30) was working as an animation trainer he would observe his busy colleagues often skipping breakfast altogether or snack on unhealthy items like Vada Pav instead. Being a gifted cook, it inspired him eight years on to get into the business. He started The BrkFst, an online delivery service, which kickstarted on August 28.

Basil sauce with chicken pasta 

“A good breakfast helps you start the day well. This service aims to deliver breakfast in your office or at home (so that you can carry it along). We are targetting bachelors who may be pressed for time,” says Dadan.

The delivery service runs from Monday to Friday, and apart from its regular breakfast deliveries, on Saturdays they offer special items. “All our deliveries are between 9 am to 10.30 am and it’s on a monthly subscription basis (just like tiffin services),” he adds.

Their menu includes 10 vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. The vegetarian breakfast (Rs 40) includes Chutney Sandwiches, Dosas and Poha while the non-vegetarian menu (Rs 50) includes Salami / Chicken Mayonnaise sandwiches and scrambled eggs among other items. “Even the non-vegetarian menu includes certain days when we don’t serve meat as a lot of our clients stay away from meat on Tuesdays or Thursdays. The dishes are also not repeated from week to week,” states Dadan.

The Saturday menu includes dishes like Kheema Pav. While the delivery service is restricted to Khar and Bandra, at the moment, they hope to expand to other office hubs as well. “Presently, it’s a one-man venture because of which we have to restrict the menu to breakfast items and deliver it within the particular vicinity,” explains the Bandra resident. So far, The BrkFst has 15 clients for their meal services and interestingly, most of them are families. Clients are required to pay every Monday for the service.

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