Break-up and make-up hard to do? New apps will do it for you

Aug 08, 2013, 09:41 IST | ANI

Two New Yorkers have launched the BreakupText and MakeupText apps to take the messiness out of some of relationships' most uncomfortable moments

The two new apps write text messages to help users break up or make up with a significant other, the New York Daily News reported.

If you want to break up with your partner, simply answer a few questions like, boy or girl? Serious or casual? and the app will shoot out a lengthy text message detailing why the relationship was doomed.

Jake Levine of and Lauren Leto, the brains behind Texts from Last Night, launched ‘MakeupText’ on Monday after admitting they feel pretty bad about destroying thousands of relationships, following the release of ‘BreakupText’.

The pair also admitted to the publication that the apps aren’t meant to be taken seriously and were just a joke.

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