Break your flats, save the building

Jun 16, 2012, 07:00 IST | Saurabh Katkurwar

CIDCO says, structure can be saved, provided builder demolishes around 20 of the 160 flats, which would add up to the total area that was developed illegally

After losing the fight in the Bombay High Court, to save their homes, residents of Green Heritage building in Kharghar are now being haunted by fears that the City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd (CIDCO) may demolish unauthorised floors of the building soon. However, the CIDCO has come up with a solution, whereby most of the flats could be saved.

In deep slumber? Residents of Green Heritage have criticised  CIDCO officials for negligence in observing  irregularities indulged in by the developer when the project was underway. File pic

According to its officials, if the builder demolishes some of the flats, whose combined area equals that of the area developed illegally, then the remaining flats could be saved from demolition. The builder, Abhishek Developers and Builders, had illegally developed 1,575 sq metres.

CIDCO’s solution
“If the developer approaches us and demolishes flats, whose combined area equals the area that was illegally developed, then the remaining flats can be saved. So the developers will have to raze approximately 20 of the 160 flats. The developer can then compensate those residents, whose flats will be razed, by giving them houses at its other buildings or by paying the cost of the demolished flats. However, to make this happen, the developer needs to take the first step,” said a senior CIDCO official, requesting anonymity.

If the developer does not go by the CIDCO’s plan, the building would be demolished horizontally, affecting all the flats. “If our demolition department starts removing the illegal construction, it will not demolish flats whose combined area is equal to illegally constructed one, but a part of entire structure would be demolished horizontally. As per our rules, we cannot remove any specific flat so we will have to raze equal part from all the flats. If this happens, all the flats will be affected badly, and no one will be able to live in the building,” the official said.

The town planning department has sent a demolition report for the Green Heritage to Chief Controller of Unauthorised Construction (CCUC). R B Patil, additional town planning officer, said, “We have forwarded the report to the CCUC. Appropriate action will be taken by the department soon.” Though CIDCO has offered a difficult solution, the residents of Green Heritage have criticised its officials for their inaction and negligence for missing out on the irregularities the developer indulged in, especially when the project was underway. When asked what action would be taken against officials accused for their involvement in the controversy, CIDCO chairperson Pramod Hindurao, said, “The court will take appropriate action.” 

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