'Breast reduction in a bottle' works magic in just 8 weeks

Jul 13, 2012, 11:43 IST | ANI

Michelle Mone, who has made millions helping women enhance their cleavage with her Ultimo bra range, now wants to cash in on those feeling the burden of a bigger bosom

The 40-year-old entrepreneur is launching a new range of creams which claims to offer the first “breast reduction in a bottle”.

Its launch comes at a time when British women’s breast size is rapidly increasing – in the fifties the average cup size was a B, but now it’s risen to a C.

Sex and relationships, 'Breast reduction in a bottle' works magic in just 8 weeks

“I’m so excited about the new product range,” a major newspaper quoted Mone as saying.

“We have been developing this for three years and spent 1million dollarsin order to get to our launch today.

“I wanted to put it to the test myself and have seen incredible results.

“I used it twice a day for just four weeks and I’m amazed to say I’ve dropped half a cup size already!

“I’ve spoken to many women in my career about their boobs and many have said they want to tone and firm them without going under the knife.

“I’m so pleased to give them another option with Boobs Minus and I’m sure other women will achieve great results as well.

“I always listen to the needs of my customers, and many women I have spoken to would love to reduce their bust size.

“A breast reduction is a major operation and I believe this [cream] is a great alternative.

“When I was developing the product I gave samples to friends to try and the results have been incredible with reports of a dramatic one-cup size decrease after using it over an eight-week period,” she said.

Mone added that the product had taken over three years to develop and an investment of 1 million pounds.

There will also be a cream that claims to enhance the bust and is designed to plump, lift and firm the breasts, and a B.L.T. product which targets the bottom, legs and tummy.

Miss Mone claims that the product contains “firming ingredients” like extracts of rainforest fruits such as Acai, Cupuaçu, and Maracuja, to minimise the signs of ageing.

But the main ingredient is Wild Indigo, a herb which switches the cells that activate the breakdown of fat in the body.

The cream also features Golden Chamomile which is a flavonoid – a type of anti-oxidant which tests suggest helps inhibit the storage of fat and boosts breakdown of fat cells.

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