Breitling creates Supersports B55 to celebrate launch of Bentley Continental Supersports

Feb 26, 2017, 15:21 IST | A correspondent

Breitling, in collaboration with Bentley, has crafted a super limited edition watch with just 500 pieces with carbon fibre

Not a car but a watch from Bentley?
Well, yes. Breitling has created the Supersports B55 to celebrate the launch of the Bentley Continental Supersports automobile. And it is super- limited — only 500 pieces have been crafted.

Way too limited! The watch reminds me of a Bentley though.

The watch evokes the sporty look of the Continental Supersports and Breitling even goes a step further to appeal to enthusiasts. Titanium casing has been used to frame the carbon fibre dial. The double- layer, red- edged and - lined black rubber strap further contributes to enhance the mood.

More than just a pretty face
To start with, the B55 is equipped with a lap timer, flyback chronograph, electronic tachymeter, seven daily alarms and a second timezone indicator. But, that’s not all; there are also a few digital enhancements to elevate the experience.

'Digital enhancements'? What are they?
Additional chronograph functions like Chrono Rally serves to record up to ; 8 stages including the departure date of the rally, start time, intermediate time and duration of each stage with the ability to add any penalties.

Chrono Race for track races lets users record the split- times for each lap and calculate the average speed.
Regularity Rally enables the probability of predefining targets or intermediate timeouts of the total duration, which can subsequently be checked to see if anyone is hitting that goal.

What about the build quality?
The case has been built using titanium with a solid caseback and an intricately designed bezel. A screw down crown and two pushers are present while the glare- proof sapphire crystal covers it on both sides, keeping the watch waterresistant.

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