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Jan 28, 2013, 10:14 IST | Surekha s

With the options in coffees running into three long pages in the menu, The Stolen Coffee Room in Seawoods, is a must-visit for coffee connois-seurs. Our only request � add more food options

Well, it’s located right opposite a Cafe Coffee Day outlet in Seawoods (not an ideal location to start with), but after tastinga few coffees at The Stolen Coffee Room, we realised, it would be a better choice for those who love the freshly brewed beverage.

The beautiful turquoise exteriors announce its name and the blue interiors and comfortable chairs give it the look of a café one would love to sit in comfortably. The large lamps, soft music playing in the background, and a bookshelf adorned with the likes of Rabindranath Tagore and Arundhati Roy, made us fall in love with the ambiance.

Ristretto was a strong shot of Expresso and the Chocolate Puddle Cake was a great accompaniment for it. Pics/ Sameer Markande

It took us no time to settle down. But the menu had us surprised, consisting mainly of coffees selected from different parts of the world. The choice ranged from Expresso and Cappuccino to Ristretto (a small shot of black coffee), Machiato (expresso topped with milk foam), Cafe Miel (expresso poured over honey), Irish coffees and a lot more. They also offered a wide choice in cold coffee and tea including flavoured, Assam and Indian Spice teas. Apart from that, the menu listed a few smoothies and shakes as well.

Chicken Ham and Cheddar Sandwich came with a generous helping of mayonnaise, which had a dash of sesame in it

We ordered for a Ristretto (Rs 39) and an Irish Cream Cappuccino (Rs 89). The Ristretto was strong and perfect. We also loved the Cappuccino with its distinct flavour. We asked for a cookie to go with the coffee but when we asked for more eats, we were given a menu of sandwiches with just five options — three vegetarian and two non-vegetarian. We, hence ordered for a Tomato and Sour Cream Pizza with Basil and Oregano (Rs 142) and a Chicken Ham and Cheese Sandwich (Rs 194).

The interiors done in turquoise and white add a relaxing charm

We loved the whole wheat bread they came in, with nuts on the crust. The veg pizza with sour cream was delicious and not too sour (just the way we like it). The sandwich was light and came with a generous helping of mayonnaise. Prepared with a dash of sesame, the sandwich was our bet for a perfect mid-day snack. The home-made bread played perfect foil. All in all, a smart, on-the-move option if you’re willing to forget its calorific proportions.

The café also offered a few desserts including a Chocolate Mousse and a cheesecake. We went in for the Chocolate Puddle Cake and it was as tasty as it looked.

All in all a wonderful experience, our only grouse — we needed a few more food options. They soon plan to shut for about two weeks, but we hope they open their doors soon as we are sure we would love to pay them a visit again.

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