Bride sleeps with groomsman by mistake!

Oct 18, 2013, 05:10 IST | ANI

A bride mistakenly made love to her new husband's groomsman, after she jumped into the wrong bed

According to Global Times, the bride surnamed Huang, had gone to an outhouse bathroom during the night and entered the wrong room on her return, after the couple’s ceremony in Napo County, Guangxi, reported.

When she woke she realised what had happened and ran through the house yelling for help and that she has been raped.

It was decided by everyone that the groomsman Ruan should pay the newlywed couple 20,000 yuan, to which he replied that he wasn’t the one who had done something wrong and that he didn’t have any money.

The couple later took the matter to police, but a county-level court ruled that the groomsman was not guilty of rape. 

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