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Feb 08, 2013, 00:42 IST | S Mitra Saigal

Rediscover the joys of William Shakespeare's language with the play, Shakespeare Who?

How well do you know Shakespeare? The world’s most famous writer, living or dead; the second most quoted writer in the English language — after the various writers of the Bible. Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets. His works contained over 30,000 different words. However, when was the last time that one read or watched a play by the bard in its original form and language?

Rehearsals for Shakespeare, Who? in progress. PIC/Nimesh Dave

For those who’d like to re-acquaint themselves with Shakespeare and his plays, it’s a good idea to pop into the Overact Alternate Theatre Space to watch Shakespeare Who? — a new play staged by Mumbai-based theatre company New Brain Theater Volks.

Abhey Kumar, its spokesperson, says that Shakespeare Who? will give audiences a taste of the bard’s life and more importantly, “His language that shaped a world. Scenes from his plays are woven into a story. Our agenda is — no fear, Shakespeare,” says Kumar.

He adds that Shakespeare Who? is not a play with one story; instead it’s a window into Shakespeare’s life and his language. “We’ve taken speeches and scenes from his plays in the original language. We have linked them through a narration for people to understand, with little effort. So, it’s not an original Shakespeare play, but a collection of original scenes from those plays,” he says.

Shakespeare Who? has been written and adapted by Kevin G Coleman, director of education at Shakespeare and Company, a noted American theatre company from Massachusetts. Deshik Vansadia, the director of Shakespeare Who? was associated with Shakespeare and Company before returning to India, recently. Their third production will also be connected to the bard; “It will be Romeo and Juliet,” Kumar says.

On February 10, 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm
At Overact Alternate Theatre Space, Andheri (W).
Call 9920847270 for passes

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