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Jun 04, 2014, 05:43 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Today, Uday Benegal-led Whirling Kalapas will take Punekars through an introspective-yet-funky performance

Whirling Kalapas can be best described as an instrumentally diverse, introspective and quirky acoustic Pop group. Formed by Indus Rock frontman, Uday Benegal and two seasoned multi-instrumentalists, Sankarshan Kini and Ashwin Andrew, the musical trio comes across as a rich addition to India’s current Indie explosion, especially for audiences looking beyond the volume-driven sounds of Rock and Electronic acts.

The Whirling Kalapas
The Whirling Kalapas

The band is all set to take Punekars through a musical joyride, today, but of a different kind, says Benegal. “I have performed many times in Pune, right from the days with Rock Machine to Indus Creed. But this gig is going to be very different from any of those in a sense that it will tap into my alter ego — it’s quieter and more introspective in some ways, and experimental and funkier in others,” he adds.

Uday Benegal
Uday Benegal

Benegal says that all the members in the band have been around for some time now, and play with several other acts. While Kini plays with Bombay Acoustic People and Passenger Revelator, Andrew plays with acts such as Passenger Revalator and Suraj Jagan. Perhaps, it’s this diversity that makes them an interesting band.

Says Benegal, “Kini plays guitar, mandolin, violin and percussion with us, but he can also play the trumpet and harmonica; Andrew, on the other hand, plays drums, bass, guitar and keyboards. All three of us sing during our performances, gravitating automatically to the most harmonious space in the spectrum. Apart from singing and playing guitar, I also dabble in some percussion, playing a snare drum and a kick drum sometimes, and shaking maracas at other times.”

When asked about his favourite artistes, Benegal says, “I’ve never really had a favourite song or singer but there were a bunch of musicians who influenced me while growing up. I loved Ian Gillan from Deep Purple, Roger Daltrey of
The Who, Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, and Greg Walker from Santana, just to name a few.

These days, various voices grab me at different times in different ways: Tom Waits, Bonnie Raitt, Björk, John Mayer,” concludes Benegal.

On: Today, 8.30 pm onwards
At: Oak Lounge, Oakwood Premier Pune, Koregaon Park Annex.

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